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Chocolate, Rockband, and Scrapping...

blogged by me domestic goddess On 2/08/2009 03:20:00 PM
Thats my weekend so far in a nutshell, with a sprinkling of snow. Yes we still have the white stuff! Although no new snowfall, we still have plenty covering the fields, making everything look so magical and peaceful.
Boredom has started to set in for me, even though I really do have plenty to keep me occupied! But having everyone around at the end of last week, has kinda put me out of kilt, so much that after cooking tea Friday night, and it being picked to pieces (it was only a chicken and noodle stir fry!), i went and sat on the sofa and started to feel very sorry for myself. this in turn had Izzy giving me a huge cuddle, Lilly joining in the hugs and then Peter.
To Izzy saying, "Don't cry Mummy, we really do love your cooking",
bless her, it wasn't even the cooking that made me all grumpy, it was , just life!, and the usual being a mum, and doing mum and wifey stuff that gets on top of us all at times. But this little voice really did make me smile and jump start me to feeling loved and happy again!
Friday night Izzy and I have some girlie time together, once Lilly has gone to bed. This week I bought us a chocolate face mask each, hehe. OMG they smelled and felt just like melted chocolate, Izzy even licked a bit, to declare, "yuck, it tastes horrible!" We did have a laugh though. After the mask was applied, Izzy was so desperate to scratch her nose, she ended up wiggling her nose like a bunny for 10 minutes, so sweet. We then painted nails and had a mini facial, whilst munching on some galaxy chocolate....bliss.

Saturday came around, and so did an afternoon of Rock Band, I couldn't resist taking these photos of Izzy rocking out to Led Zepplain on the guitar!

Whilst Izzy and Peter rocked out, Lilly and I baked some chocolate and orange muffins, mmmmm.

It was then down to business, and scrapping for us girls!
A few closeups of this weeks Pencil Lines layout, before reveal tonight at 8pm GMT.

What have you been up to so far this weekend? I am off to start on dinner. Pork, sweet pepper and pineapple casserole.
Have a great rest of your weekend. Thanks as always for stopping by
Anna x

6 Response to 'Chocolate, Rockband, and Scrapping...'

  1. karen Said,'> 3:51 PM

    need that recipe, they look fab and dont ask about the cup cakes xx


  2. Sandie Said,'> 5:29 PM

    Love your photos, and the "look" of those cakes!! Can't wait to see your PL layout, the sneak peek looks fabulous!


  3. Sara Said,'> 7:38 PM

    PL sneak looks great hun x


  4. Scrap Simply Said,'> 3:54 AM

    Love your blog and all of your projects are awesome!


  5. Kathleen Said,'> 8:47 AM

    Ooooo, dinner sounded nice!! Love the look of those cupcakes too, yummo!

    Off to have a squiz at the Pencilines sketch :)



  6. Jennie Said,'> 2:21 PM

    Ooh, those muffins look so yummy!! Please, please post the recipe :)