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the white stuff...

blogged by me domestic goddess On 2/05/2009 11:11:00 PM
and we had plenty of it today. Peter woke me up at 4.45am to let me know we have at least 6inches of the stuff outside the warmth of my bed. Well, I am a kid at heart and jumped out of bed to see for myself, and he was right. Piles of soft White snow. I honestly wanted to run out and make a snow angel right there and then in my PJ's. I just love to be the first to pop my feet in untouched snow. Of course I didn't run out at the ungodly hour of 4.45 to be the first to tread softly in the snow. Instead I jumped back into bed, nominated Tuesday 5th feb a day off for us all, turned the alarm of and woke again at 8.12am to Izzy squealing with joy that it had snowed and school was closed! And then another squeal as Lilly woke to see outside of her window was a blanket of snow.
Great isn't it!
The only problem i incurred todays, was Izzy wore one of my hats all day, and Lilly took the other! Leaving me with this one of Peters. Not a good look!!!!

And that's it really, we spent the day playing in the snow, building snowmen, joining the village over at the park to build an igloo, and making snow angels! to then come home for lunch, return to said igloo, to find some older lads had knocked it down! Poor Izzy was devastated. So what do a bunch of kids do? they just start all over again. And as dusk began to draw in, I went back over to the Park to find Izzy still there with a small group of kids trying to finish the igloo. Bless her.......

We have been warned that more snow is on the way, so I am guessing we will all be home again tomorrow!

Cannot wait! I have already planned homemade soup and bread as well as some cupcakes, cookies and lots of hot chocolate!

Keep warm and safe, see you tomorrow for five fav Friday and Pencil Lines sneak peeks.

Decisions please, playing with Pioneer Woman actions, and not sure which I like best. First is straight out of the camera.

Ooo before I go, Bad Girls have a celebrity chat with Rebecca, owner of Pink Pailsee, tomorrow at 1pm PST.


Anna xx

7 Response to 'the white stuff...'

  1.'> 5:55 AM

    Looks like tons of FUN!!!
    I like the upper right... creamy colors... ;)


  2. suebaru Said,'> 9:06 AM

    We are snowed home again too! And like you, will be doing a bit of cooking :)


  3. karen Said,'> 9:09 AM

    looks fab sooooooooo jel xx me too i love the top right one, but saying as she is my god daughter i will have them all please luvs ya xxx


  4. Tracie H Said,'> 9:49 AM

    LOL! Peters hat looks like the one I was wearing - maybe we should join up together! LOL!
    Love the photos of the girls - they look so pretty in the snow.


  5. Dena Said,'> 6:05 PM

    Aww man I am totally jealous of all the fun you are having in the snow! I love the top right one as well. Great color on it!


  6. Sandie Said,'> 6:54 PM

    Fab photos hun, looks like the girls have had lots of fun in the snow. Need to catch up!!!!!


  7. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 8:58 PM

    Gorgeous pictures girlie! We've seen on the news that you guys are having so much snow at the moment.. stay warm sweetie! XOXO