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Alien Christmas

blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/10/2009 09:53:00 PM
Whatever happened to the traditional nativity play, Away in a Manger and Little Donkey for songs?! This year Lilly's Christmas play was about Aliens landing on Earth, and the humans teaching them about the real meaning of Christmas. It was good, but there is nothing like the original story being told the old fashion way in my opinion!

Lilly was an Alien and had a speaking part and sang a solo. We were so proud of her as she stood at the front of the stage, singing her little heart out. And we were not the only ones impressed, several mums came up to us saying how good she was, bless....

This afternoon I decided to recycle some wax crayons from school and remake, packaged up and give to the kids at work as a little gift from me.

I realise I need to fill them a little more, as they were not very deep. When Peter got home, he just laughed and complained that I had ruined he cake tin! and Izzy , well she had no comment!

Either they don't get it, or they were really naff, LOL
Tomorrow we are off for the weekend to Windsor. The weekend starts tomorrow night at The Waterside, Michelle Roux restaurant, a 3 Michelin star, I cannot wait. We are also staying at the hotel as well! Saturday sees us Christmas shopping in Windsor, and then home to collect the girls from Nana's. It will be a much needed break, as I am exhausted!

I have a To Do List that is so long, its quite daunting, to be honest. But I must not think about it and have a relaxing weekend away.

Thanks for stopping by
Anna x

3 Response to 'Alien Christmas'

  1. Tracie H Said,'> 1:52 PM

    Have a wonderful weekend Anna....enjoy the rest and forget the to do's....this is your weekend.

    I dont get the aliens thing either - whatever happened to the traditional nativity play??


  2. suebaru Said,'> 1:53 PM

    Have a gorgeous weekend and relax!! xx


  3. Sandie Said,'> 2:34 PM

    Have a fabulous weekend, xmas planning can wait till you get back!!! Aliens?? Whats wrong with tradition??