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sniff sniff

blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/16/2009 01:35:00 PM
Me at 40!!! photo by Peter Bowkis
Cake by Nana, Izzy and Lilly Bowkis

YesI have the lurgy, and feel horrid. I am not going to dwell on how I feel, that really doesn't make for good blog reading, LOL, instead I am going to leave you with what I reckon has to be my best pressie for cheering me up, that I got from this lovely lady!

This has got to be the best present to buy anyone feeling fat and frumpy, like me at the moment!
I keep looking at it, and have a little giggle to myself.
My main pressie from Sue was an invitation to Tea at the Ritz Hotel in London. This made me cry, and the reason it made me cry, is my Dad used to take me to London to see a show and tea at the Ritz on my birthday. My Dad would be smiling down at Sue right now!
I have been spoilt rotten, with Momiji Dolls, the most stunning Monsoon silk top, jewelry, chocolate!, DVD, Hello Kitty goodness, and these layouts made by my gorgeous girls. Think I have a couple of star scrappers here don't you?
Closeup Details
Layout : Anna by Isabella Bowkis

Layout : Mummy Looez (Louise) Bowkis by Lilly Keiko Bowkis
Don't you just love that Lilly couldn't make up her mind what age to add to the layout!
Lilly also asked me yesterday, what day it was, to which I answer Tuesday, 15th December. Lilly :" so you are 40 now Mummy?"
Me : "Yes darling I am, and a day"
Lilly : " Thats a big number Mummy!"
Me: " Lilly, time to get up for school "

She knows, how to make her Mummy feel young, LOL!!!
Before I go, do not forget Pencil Lines DT search, you have until this Sunday to get your application to us. It is going to be another tough decision, with so many amazing layouts filling my inbox!
Pencil Lines the Sketch Book is available for pre order, expected release date is end 2009. As soon as I receive my copy I will be able to give a more definite date.

Back to my tissue box and a warm drink for me, whilst I still debate whether to make Christmas cards or buy! I know I have still not started making my cards, bad crafter!!!

Hugs and thanks for stopping by
Anna x

4 Response to 'sniff sniff'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 2:33 PM

    Marilyn is so fab!Love the girls LO's :) And I'm so pleased you liked your pressies :) xxx


  2. Iara Said,'> 9:03 AM

    congrat os your birthday Anna! Your daughter's layout is adorable!


  3.'> 5:15 PM

    seriously LOVE that gift from sue...what a fun little doll!!!! and really it is a striking resemblance to you :)
    hope you are feeling better!!!!
    miss you and love you


  4. Becky Said,'> 9:22 PM

    Love the girls' layouts - very talented like their Mum :) Glad you had a lovely birthday and hope you feel better soon.