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New Hat, New Angel and Chrissy decs

blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/10/2006 08:40:00 PM
A weekend of decorating the house with festive cheer, new hat for me, and a mass clear out , Stacey Julian style, in my scrap room.
I now have all my buttons colour coded in TK Max spice jars, my Angel Kisses and Primas in Ikea jars, thanks to an early Christmas present from Sue, mwah!, and my eyelets and brads are now safely colour coded in a crafty mate caddy. My small wooden stamps are now housed in my new purchase at £3.99 of a wire basket which I lurve!! All battered and ancient looking, you know the sort I mean?

And as with every year gone, we decorate the tree to the sounds of Nat and Dean singing Christmas songs, and Peter shedding a tear to O Tannenbaum, bless!!
Firstly, I must apologize for my poor photography, not that I am a pro, BUT i have lost my plate to my tripod so all tree photos were taken with my shaky arm! Need to buy a plate, desperately.
The girls have enjoyed decorating the tree, although i have had to do my best to step away and not keep moving the 3 rd ball that lands on that 1 branch! Oh OK I lied I have spent all day , and will spend all the holidays , titivating the tree, I cant help it!
Yesterday evening we went to the village Christingle service. It was lovely and a tear or two was shed. I guess its all those children, candles and Away in the Manger that finished me off!!
Heres a photo of this years Angel. Very simple painted tin, but I love her......
Yay, I got my Pencil Lines sketch done this week, I am so pleased. I felt awful missing out last week. I have actually prisma glittered the star and arrow , although it doesn't show very well due to me scanning my LO.

What have you all been up to this weekend? Hope its been a good one
Question - Real or artificial? - tree that is!

Anna x

9 Response to 'New Hat, New Angel and Chrissy decs'

  1. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 4:06 AM

    love the photos - love that photo of you!! that angel is fabby and i love your layout!!


  2. lee woodside Said,'> 7:36 AM

    Oh I LOVE that photo of you!!!!


  3. Chrissie Said,'> 8:21 AM

    Pretty angel! Like angels I do.

    Um...real or artificial? Oooo, hard one. I think, if I'm honest, when forced to choose, I think I think I prefer...artificial. Which is probably so un-scrappy like (*visions of scrapbookers waxing lyrical about the beautiful pine smell and the photo ops when going to choose the tree and carry it home 'When Harry Met Sally' stylee*) BUT filling a bucket full of earth or sand is a pain in the ****. Needles dropping is a pain in the ****. And you can never get one which is completely perfect in shape and size, which is a pain in the ****. I have had real ones before, and I'm no completely anti, but now we have our very life-like artificial one, I have to admit I do like the convenience of NOT having to trapse around B&Q for half a day finding 'the perfect tree' and putting it up is a doddle.

    So (long story short!) artificial please. Ta very much.


  4. Beth Said,'> 8:59 AM

    Lovely angel Anna, and all the piccies are lovely too. As for artificial or real...........I guess real in a real world, ha, ha, but tis too much faffing around for me, so we have a sort of weeaal artificial looking one instead, and it prunes lovely year after year, lol. Yep.....artificial. Beth XX


  5. Ann(i)e Said,'> 10:35 AM

    gorgeous photo of you my the hat and the shirt is fab too!!
    Glad you had a good family weekend!!
    Don't be too jealous, but I already have my pencil lines lo done for this week.......hehehe!!!


  6. bookit Said,'> 11:41 AM the hat...i'm very partial to a new hat ! as for real or artificial, well...this year non. i am living iin three different places at the moment whle packing things up so will not even be going to my home over christmas so it seemed pointless. but usually i have a real tree that is over 2meters high...a HUGE one in my living room! so love the smell of a norweigian spruce (no dropping needles too!)


  7. greyparrot Said,'> 3:44 PM

    ahhhh I hate the fact that you can wear a hat like that! I love em but put one on and i look a right tit! I am getting a nice one that suits me from santa though lol!

    Real tree for us- got it yesterday- a norweigian- although we normally buy the tree from the 'seconds' department- you know the poor unloved ones that nobody wants to buy...! But alas yesterday there were none-so we gots a perfect new one!


  8. Paula Said,'> 8:09 PM

    You look fab in that hat Anna! Artificial tree for me, with two cats a real one is a no no!


  9. Suebaru Said,'> 9:40 PM

    Oooh la la!! Loving your hat hun!
    And deffo artificial here too...not sure why though....!!