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Sale shopping and baking

blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/31/2006 12:09:00 AM
Well due to me feeling tres poorly yesterday we didn't get to stripping the walls in the living room, but today we did order new carpet, paint, scrummy fabric wallpaper and i have found the sofa I want as well.... but alas until i sell the 2 we have i cannot have it.

I also bought 2 pairs of boots for the grand sum of £33.75!!!!! A pair of very "cool" (Says Izzy) wellies and a pair of full length brown leather boots (photos to follow). Izzy has told me I can wear my wellies for walks in the fields and the rain, and my leather boots are for parties, like I go to parties every week, but hey thats OK.

Another promise I made yesterday was to do some baking, that too was on the back burner and today we made some fairy cakes, chocolate and vanilla decorated with strawberry icing and chocolate topping, finished with a sprinkle of marshmallows and smarties. The girls had such fun, and we then drove over to Nana's for her to sample their mini delicacies. Izzy is now hooked on the cupcake phenomenon, especially after seeing a stunning cookbook at Nana's which I have to have, Women's Weekly Cupcake and Fairy cake cookbook.
The photography is stunning as well, and its only £6.99!. I need to find where to buy it NOW.

Sunday I must do my DT projects for Zsiage. I am behind this month with mt DT work. I have been crashed on the sofa all night with this headache and dizzy spells, not sure if its my sinuses, but have bought up most of Boots medicine department to find the answer, lol

So its the BIG night tonight, and time to make all those resolutions. I will be posting my look back over 2006 tomorrow and making some new year resolutions!

Hugs all

Anna xxx


8 Response to 'Sale shopping and baking'

  1. Laura Said,'> 9:08 AM

    Nigella Lawson-How to be a Domestic Goddess is great also for baking/cupcake recipies! I love re-decorating, especially as it's a new year, fresh starts are always nice :-)

    Hope you're feeling better soon Anna x


  2. jakey Said,'> 9:46 AM

    Poor you - Carl and Vinnie have that bug and it's miserable I know. The sinus pain is a killer eh?

    We're off for a look at the sales today - I fugure everywhere will be open as it's still sort of Christmas Lol!!


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 10:35 AM

    cant beleive that is the sofa I WANT how alike are we, make sur you make some cup cakes to bring up here with you hun luvs ya


  4. suebaru Said,'> 10:47 AM

    You can get that cupcake book on hun at the bargainous price of £5.49!! I'm sooo tempted....!!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 1:45 PM

    Thanks for the message Anna - do you realise I did not receive my MS Xmas Stars? My email addy is in my profile.


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 4:51 PM

    Happy New Year Anna. :)


  7. Anonymous Said,'> 4:55 PM

    Mmm those cupcakes look scrummy! :o)


  8. Beth Said,'> 5:55 PM

    Lubberly cakes you've got there. Hope you feel better soon lovely, it's so miserable feeling low, I know. Hope you all have a wonderful welcome into the New Year too, Happy New Year to you, Peter and the girls. Beth XX