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Pinch, punch

blogged by me domestic goddess On 12/01/2006 11:04:00 PM
its the 1st of December, OMG I have so much to do. Plenty of time to stress about that later. Its been a day and a half here in the Bowkis household, but nothing that I can share here, mwahahaha.

In a funny old way I love these dark and dreary days. For Lilly and I this meant an afternoon snuggled on the sofa under my infamous throw, watching A Cat in the Hat on DVD, pringles, marmite sarnies and a box of chocolate fingers, hehehehehe. Yesterday was comfort food too, and a bowl of Lilly's favourite Heinz tomato soup. this girl cannot get enough of the stuff, have you seen the size of that bowl!?
I finished the last of the projects for the weekend today, and the girls helped back pizza boxes, bless them.

Been browsing over at 2peas holiday projects, and this button tree is crying out to be done by me. One, because I love buttons, Two, I have 2 very large bags of mixed buttons starring at me and Three, its CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!

Today the November Readers Gallery was announced over at Pencil Lines. This is always a thing I kinda dread. Every ones work is fantastic and it is so hard for the DT to make a choice. This months was particular tough as we emailed back and forth. Do check out our winner, Britta, this is an awesome layout.
Do you have a favourite Christmas advert yet? I am rather loving the Debenhams one, or is it the fact I rather fancy a Santa like that coming down my chimney ! The latter it sure is. I have always love the Coca Cola adverts, love the magic of the train and the twinkly lights. So whats yours?

Anna x

7 Response to 'Pinch, punch'

  1. Mel Said,'> 1:41 AM

    Know what you mean about enjoying the snuggles on the dull dreary winter afternoons! My absolute favourite Christmas aderts are the "Get Gorgeous" Boots ads with the women beatifying themselves whilst performing Christmas chores like peeling sprouts!!! Love it. Mel x


  2. joanna Said,'> 11:04 AM

    Aw, look at Lilly enjoying her tomato soup, bless her! I DO love the Debenhams ad - yummy Santa!!! xx


  3. Suebaru Said,'> 11:55 AM

    Love that pic of Lilly.But I hate those Boots ads, haven't seen debenhams .Love & hugs hun xx


  4.'> 9:05 PM

    Hi Anna, my DD loves Cat in the Hat, and wow, that is a huge bowl.

    Loving that chrissy tree, what a great idea, have fun with that one.

    Best Wishes


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 10:22 PM

    Mmm tomato soup is scrummy! :o) Lily has good taste! But that is a huuuge bowl bless her.

    That button tree is fab, might have to give that idea a go. I have tons of Foof-a-la buttons just sat here looking at me begging to be used.

    As for the christmas advert. Quite frankly you can have the Debenhams santa! Santa doesn't look anything like that, he is old, chunkalicous and has a big white beard and fur lined red suit. And yus I am 22! :o)


  6. Dawn Said,'> 12:38 PM

    One great pic of your Lilly :)


  7. scrapdolly Said,'> 7:46 AM

    Made me feel all warm and fuzzy and I want to spend the afternoon with you watching Cat in the Hat too

    And that button tree - YUM