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Moxley Here I Come......

blogged by me domestic goddess On 9/05/2008 09:36:00 PM
Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am heading off to meet the Moxley Crew, and teach at their 1st anniversary crop. I am teaching 3 classes, full of some Happy Sunshine from Cosmo Cricket, pretty papers form Jeni Bowlin and the funky Zoe collection by Love Elsie. I am also armed with a "mean" batch of Brownies!!

I will be leaving by 6pm to get home, have an early night as I am up again, bright and early to make the journey to Hyde Park for my charity run in aid of MS. If you would like to make a donation please visit my Just Giving page.

Whilst I am away this weekend, one lucky blog reader will win a Happy Sunshine kit with Katie blackboard mini book by Cosmo Cricket. Just leave a comment, and I will randomly pick a winner on Monday.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend, lets hope it stays dry for Sunday!

Hugs and thanks as always for stopping by

Anna x

49 Response to 'Moxley Here I Come......'

  1.'> 4:59 AM

    omg how awesome is that... i know you are going to do a GREAT job!!!!


  2. ally Said,'> 7:01 AM

    fab looking mini book and good luck for sunday.


  3.'> 7:44 AM

    Loving the mini book. Good Luck for Sunday.


  4.'> 8:55 AM

    Wow, what a jam packed weekend! Best of luck with the class and the run, keeping my fingers crossed for good weather on Sunday!


  5. Sara Said,'> 9:51 AM

    Ooh, love the look of that kit hun!
    Good luck for Sunday, really hope for dry weather for you xxx


  6. Sandie Said,'> 10:40 AM

    Your Moxley mini book looks stunning hun!! Good luck for Sunday, and I'll keep everything crossed it stays dry. The stamp arrived this morning too, thank you xxxx


  7. Kathy Said,'> 11:05 AM

    Sounds like you have a busy weekend. Good Luck for Sunday!


  8. suebaru Said,'> 12:18 PM

    See you tomorrow,armed with my camera,picnic and waterproof!!


  9. Anonymous Said,'> 1:32 PM

    Hi anna,

    Hope the classes go well, sure they will and good luck with the run tomorrow!

    Annie B


  10.'> 4:30 PM

    Goodluck with the run tomorrow Anna.


  11. Louise Said,'> 5:57 PM

    Good luck with your run. hope you raise loads.


  12. Dawn Said,'> 6:16 PM

    Hope you've had laods of fun at the crop - I know that Dawn was really looking forward to it. Good luck on Sunday - really big hugs


  13.'> 7:33 PM

    That mini-book looks just gorgeous... which is more than the weather forecast for Sunday does! but since when did the english weather men get anything right. All the very best for Sunday, remember the sun shines from within us - not on us from above. You are running for all the right reasons, and that will carry you through to the finish line. Good Luck Anna.


  14.'> 7:41 PM

    GORGEOUS mini!!! Absolutely LOVE it! Good luck tomorrow in the run. Fabulous cause! With everyone's help, we will soon find a cure.


  15. Linda F. Said,'> 8:23 PM

    Very cool! And if you have any brownies left, will you send some of those along, also!


  16. Anonymous Said,'> 9:18 PM

    Wow girl, that is awesome and thanks for giving all us bad girls a chance to win one, have a great weekend, see you "in class" Monday !!



  17.'> 9:19 PM

    Thanks for offering a rak! Your Sunshine Mini book looks so cute! I would love to win one! I am loving your photography! Wow! My favorite is the snail on the fence - SO COOL!

    Michelle aka ravenea at SiSTV


  18. Elizabeth R. Said,'> 9:23 PM

    Anna, that mini book looks so cute!
    I just looked at your BG LO's again, and that zebra one is one of my absolute favorites!


  19. Birgit Said,'> 9:26 PM

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! :)
    Your Sunshine minibook looks gorgeous! Hope you had a fun day today and a good run tomorrow!
    Gr. from the netherlands!


  20. Rachel Said,'> 9:39 PM

    Great Job on the mini book.

    I am new here came via the Bad Girls site.

    Have fun on Sunday- your family will be proud.

    Look forward to coming back to see you pics
    Bad Girls are obviously the BEST
    type of girl and PINK is cool


  21. Anonymous Said,'> 11:31 PM

    Awesome Mini.

    Good Luck tomorrow!


  22. Jak Said,'> 11:41 PM

    Anna, fab to see you today. The classes were fab!!

    Good luck with yor run tomorrow, Jak x


  23. Danise Said,'> 11:55 PM

    Fabulous as usual! How do you keep coming up with such amazing work?


  24. pink4u Said,'> 11:55 PM

    Oh please pick my name...your mini book is AWESOME!!!!!
    Good luck tomorrow!!!!
    Joanie :)


  25. Julie Said,'> 12:05 AM

    Wow what a great rak for one lucky winner. Have a great weekend!


  26.'> 12:09 AM

    how cool! What a fun album too!


  27. byondbzr Said,'> 12:09 AM

    Have fun teaching tomorrow!!


  28. Deanne Said,'> 12:15 AM

    hope the weather stays good sunday for you anna,all the best with the run x


  29. Jodi Said,'> 2:31 AM

    What a cool looking mini-book!!

    Good luck!!


  30. Anonymous Said,'> 3:01 AM

    Love the book. Enjoy the run! Sherry


  31.'> 3:07 AM

    Busy weekend but sounds so fun! Thank you for the awesome giveaway! Love the book:)


  32. Anonymous Said,'> 6:08 AM

    love the minibook. :) good luck with your classes and hope the charity goes well. Will check in for updates :)


  33. Anonymous Said,'> 10:12 AM

    The Moxley classes sound fantastic, if they are anything like your usual work they will be great. What a group of lucky ladies.

    Good luck for your run tomorrow too, hope that the weather is kind to you.



  34. Anonymous Said,'> 11:53 AM

    Thank you so much for the fantastic classes at Moxley yesterday. Thinking of you doing your run today. See you soon.

    Dawn (quackers)


  35. Anonymous Said,'> 1:18 PM

    had a fabulous time at moxley with you .i've completed 2 out of the 3 classes and the last one i'm working on now.your relaxed teaching style really helped me to be creative . hope the run went well.


  36. Anonymous Said,'> 1:51 PM

    what an awesome mini book!!!
    Congrats on your run!

    Love you stuff!!!!!



  37. Miss Magic Said,'> 3:38 PM

    Good luck with the run.


  38. Just Sew Sue Said,'> 5:37 PM

    Hope the charity run went well.



  39. Anonymous Said,'> 7:01 PM

    Well having almost just burnt up the house reheating some bits to throw out, I was delighted with your blog. Its beautiful, thanks for sharing. susan a


  40. Anonymous Said,'> 7:03 PM

    thanks for sharing, what fun!


  41. Anonymous Said,'> 7:49 PM

    Hope the run went well today. Love your work. Best wishes Janet


  42. Brodders Said,'> 10:13 PM

    I am tired just reading about your weekend. Hope everything went well.


  43. Rach Said,'> 12:48 AM

    Good luck, amazing what you are doing for something you believe in, I love that you have the sense and conviction to get off your "behind" and make a change for something that you believe in and is so obviously in your heart.
    Oh yeah,please stick my name "in the hat"!!!


  44. Gina Said,'> 3:28 AM

    oohh....pick me! I love both of those!!! Hope you had a good class and a GREAT run!!!!!!!


  45. Unknown Said,'> 8:16 AM

    Anna! I truly hope you have a fab time and takes lots of photos so you can share with us!
    Have a fun doll!


  46. Tracey Said,'> 11:10 AM

    I hope your busy weekend went well!!!

    Your mini-book is FABULOUS!!!


  47. Anonymous Said,'> 1:20 PM

    Just been catching up on your blog, hope Sunday went well Anna!



  48.'> 3:49 PM

    I hope the rain held out and you had a great time. Love Cosmo Cricket!


  49. Jess Said,'> 7:26 PM

    oh super cute mini book! thanks!!!