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Thank you, Thank you , Thank you......

blogged by me domestic goddess On 9/08/2008 12:54:00 PM
Lots of thank you's are in order for today's post. Firstly a huge thank you, goes out to the 28 amazing, wonderful, welcoming Moxley Crew ladies whom I met on Saturday teaching. Thank you so much to Dawn, aka, Quakers for inviting me to come and teach, and to all the wonderful ladies who took my class. Also, thank you to you all for digging deep into your pockets and sponsoring my run, huge love goes out.

This brings me nicely to my thank yous for Sunday. My loyal supporters!!! My beloved hubby, my adorable girls, Izzy and Lilly, to my dear dear friend Sue and her daughter Holly, whom without their support, it just wouldn't be the same. To Holly and Em for taking the time out to raise money for MS, yes you heard me right. these 2 girls have been making stuff to sell and raise money for MS, I cannot thank you enough.

To all the wonderful people you have sponsored me this year and have donated to the auction, that was held earlier in the year. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My fundraising page is open until the end of December, so if you would still like to make a donation, please feel free to do so.

I did run the full 5k, which was harder than last year, due to the lack of training. I have promised myself that I will train harder for next year. When the going got tough, i just thought of all the pain my Dad endured in his last few years and this spurred me on, my pain was to only last minutes compared to his years.......

MS Charity Run 070908

Last night was Pencil Lines sketch 101, with Becky Novacek. I chose to incorporate my 365 layout 28 with this sketch. I have been meaning to scrap this photo for a long time, and this sketch was perfect for me. I used the Happy Sunshine line by Cosmo Cricket and Hambly transparency.

And now to the lucky reader who has won my Sunshine mini book class that I taught this weekend
Congratulations to :

number 27


Please email me your details to ship your mini book kit too.

That's all for today!
Have a wonderful Monday,
hugs and thanks as always for stopping by

Anna x

9 Response to 'Thank you, Thank you , Thank you......'

  1. Sara Said,'> 2:12 PM

    well done anna xx


  2. Jackie Said,'> 3:19 PM

    Huge well done! What a great cause too.

    Hope youre not too tired today.

    Found the Brownie recipe (knew I had the book somewhere LOL) and giving those a try later. If they dont turn out as good as yours, I could be asking you to send me a parcel LOL

    Jak x


  3. Dawn Said,'> 5:23 PM

    Well done Anna - hope you've been able to have a realxing day today.

    Dawn xx


  4. whatkatiedid Said,'> 10:42 PM

    Oh wow, well done you!! The photos from your run are fab, I hope you're having a nice relaxing day today (and that you don't ache too much!)


  5. byondbzr Said,'> 8:09 PM

    Oh wow,I can't believe it,I never win anything! I'm so excited,I love this mini book! I can't seem to find your email anywhere on this blog,I'm probably blind! Could you email me?


  6. suebaru Said,'> 9:36 PM

    We had a fab time hun,looking forward to next year!xx


  7. lisa Said,'> 10:27 AM

    Congrats hun! I'm sure your Dad was looking down on you smiling.

    Hope you're nicely recovered now.

    Lisa x


  8. Jenny Said,'> 4:45 PM

    Well done on your run Anna!


  9. NancyJones Said,'> 4:05 AM

    GOD BLESS YOU For all you do for MS. I PERSONALLY THANK YOU. This is a very unforgiving and unfair illness that makes a mockery of everything you were. Thank you for all you do to give hope to those of us that have to endure.
    I give you huge hugs If I could.
    God Bless your father I know he woudl be so very proud of you.