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The dreaded "C" word

blogged by me domestic goddess On 9/26/2008 08:44:00 AM
Statistics show that 1 in 4 of us will have cancer. Breast cancer is a common disease. One in nine women in the UK will develop it at some point in their lifetime, so it is not unusual to have one or two members of your family who have had breast cancer by chance.

Yesterday I had to see the "breast" doctor at the hospital with regard to a lump, and the dreaded "C" word was mentioned several times when referring to family history, etc. At the end of my examination, the conclusion was it is most likely to be a benign lump, but to be cautious, a biopsy has been suggested and an ultra scan. So I am off again within the fortnight to be prodded one more time before i have an operation to remove it!

There is a huge sense of relief, but I still feel a little apprehensive...............Like us all, we don't expect to have to deal with even the slightest thought that one of us may have cancer. I don't have "it", but for the best part of this week, I did wonder what if? Its a scary thought.....

So enough of my doom and gloom. When I got home from the hospital there was a message from my dearest friend up North, Karen. I rang her back, she was on her way back from work. She rang me a few minutes later to ask me to do a huge favour for her. Not a problem, what did she need em to so? Could I collect some goods from Peterborough for her on the 20th October. Checked my diary, i was free, so no problem. "Where do i need to go?", I asked. I had to go to the train then dawned on me......................."Are you coming to visit?" a fit of giggles on the other end of the phone. I cannot tell you I happy I am. Karen thinks I can keep a secret, er not likely! I was on the phone to peter within seconds of putting the phone down to tell him. The girls still don't know..............yet!

And finally, I have been busy this week looking after my poorly Lilly, who is well and at school now I am pleased to report, as well as playing with my Bad Girls kit. Look away now if you don't want to see any sneaky peeks!!

More to come over the weekend.....

We have a busy weekend ahead. Izzy wants to head of to Next to spend her birthday money, we have Brownie and Rainbow camp fire night on Saturday and Sunday I am teaching and cropping!Looking forward also to a bit of a lie in tomorrow.

Hugs all and thanks for stopping by

20 Response to 'The dreaded "C" word'

  1. Sara Said,'> 9:59 AM

    Hey Anna, Lot's of good vibes and prayers from the Lambert household, well done for getting everything checked out asap, it does put things in perspective doesn't it?! How lovely that Karen is coming back down again, you girls are going to have so much fun!! xx


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 10:06 AM




  3. Kataroo Said,'> 12:20 PM

    reality check....dreaded C word for husband lost both his parents with a year last year to cancer....i hope never to have to see that kind of pain and sadness again....much love and health to you Anna.


  4. greyparrot Said,'> 12:31 PM

    lots of love hunny- tis indeed the scariest thing. I think now is a good time to mention the breakthrough generations research. Go to this link and sign up everyone.
    They do ask for blood, BUT you don't have to (it helps if you can) I did it, and posting off bottles of blood is very amusing! This research is HUGE, and can help us find a cure x


  5. NancyJones Said,'> 4:44 PM

    I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts!! Hoping you get through this easily and no C word. I knwo that still has to be scary!
    COngrats on having company! and The sneaks from the bad girls kit is yum cant wait to see all of it!!


  6.'> 7:08 PM

    Going to visit my own breat doctor tomorrow. My family stats are dreadful.


  7. Michou Said,'> 8:51 PM

    a big hugs for you hun !


  8.'> 9:35 PM

    Good luck with your medical stuff. I'll be thinking of you!


  9. suebaru Said,'> 10:02 PM

    You are so bad at secrets!! Take care of yourself hun xx


  10. angela Said,'> 12:28 AM

    hi there! just popping in from SIS to take a peek at your blog. how wonderful to hear that you don't have cancer! i bet you'll sleep better:)


  11. merryheart2 Said,'> 4:38 AM

    {{hugs to you}}
    it so nice that your friend is going for a visit. have fun!


  12. lyzzydee Said,'> 1:30 AM

    Oh Anna, Hope it all comes out well.


  13. Shirley Said,'> 8:43 AM

    Anna just passing by to wish you well and let you know that you will be getting lots of positive vibes coming from my direction and plenty of 365'er (((huggles)))
    Enjoy your time with Karen, time with a great friend is always precious.


  14. Paula Sealey Said,'> 9:13 AM

    Hugs Anna. Take care of yourselfxx


  15.'> 11:32 AM

    Have fun when she comes okay? And I'm sending like a thousand tight hugs for ya!


  16. Jennifer Said,'> 10:08 PM

    {tons of hugs} I have read your blogs. till now out of shell and post here..

    Want to leave you with tons of hugs. Have fun with friend!


  17.'> 7:09 AM

    good luck, good luck good luck!!! i'll be praying for you!!! and enjoy your friend's visit!!! :)


  18. lisa Said,'> 11:24 AM

    I too am sending lots of postive thoughts and hugs your way. My family has been touched by the dreaded 'C' word on more than one occasion. Take care.

    Lisa x


  19.'> 5:33 PM

    Hi Anna had guessed from the photo it was a fraught time, I have calcium deposits which always show up as 'something'!!, Have a mammogram next week myself so will wait with abaited breathe again, but hey, it's best to be checked out!.
    Lots of 365 {{{huggles}}} from me and see you in Nov:)


  20. ania Said,'> 9:39 AM

    Anna, *BIG WARM HUGS*
    I am sure the doctor knows what theyre talking about!! Sending you lots of warm thoughtsthat they're right cause they are!!