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Happy New Year

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/01/2008 07:51:00 PM
Wow, can you believe we are into a New Year already, I seriously cannot believe we are now living in 2008.

Had the most wonderful night last night, with good friends of ours. Karaoke, Wii, laughter, good food and plenty of drink was had. I will admit to sporting a rather spiffing hangover today. Mikes scrummy breakfast this morning and a high dose of vitamin C and minerals got me on the straight and narrow, and we then headed over to Mums for a New Years Day lunch.

We are now home, tired, and have just watched " Neverland" with Johnny "heartthrob" Depp and Kate Winslett, the story of JM Barrie who wrote Peter Pan, thoroughly enjoyed it and cried my eyes out.

I must thank everyone for their support of the 365 Day challenge, I am so excited about the whole concept. Cannot believe how the news has spread so quickly, i will be joining forums from those participating and getting round as quick as i can over the next few days to pop by and say hi!. I have now uploaded my photo for today, and remember to leave me links to your photos. So good to see many of you setting up blogs, just for this 365 Day challenge too :)

Ali Edwards is asking us what our word is for 2008, mine is Happiness. I am promising myself to keep on smiling from this day forth.
Leaving you with some photos from last night!

Hugs and a Happy New Year to you all

Anna xx

10 Response to 'Happy New Year'

  1. stephanie Said,'> 9:01 PM

    happy new year!
    got my 365 days notebook today so will have to make sure i keep up!


  2. suebaru Said,'> 9:39 PM

    *sob* I completely forgot that film was on! Happy New Year hun xx


  3. lyzzydee Said,'> 12:54 AM

    It looks like you had fun, We did a bit of that singing stuff and we were awful !!
    Happy New Year !!!!


  4. Robyn Said,'> 8:33 AM

    Looks delightful!


  5. Aline Said,'> 8:42 AM

    Looks like you had so much fun! We also did Singstar and it was great. :)
    Happy New Year to you too!


  6. Sandie Said,'> 12:56 PM

    Lots of fun at New Year for you then LOL. My notebook is ready, my camera has been snapping away, and I'm jotting down notes and thoughts already. Loving this challenge!


  7. Polly Said,'> 2:03 PM

    Happy New Year!!

    Really looking forward to joining in with your new challenge! YAY! It's going to be super fun!



  8.'> 7:32 PM

    Happy New year Hun.x.x
    Ive taken my piccies for the 365 challenge - just need to get me my journal sorted!


  9. Cath Said,'> 7:57 PM

    Happy new Year to you all!!


  10. china59 Said,'> 7:19 PM

    Happy New Year ! Looks like you had a wonderful night !