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Peter Pan on Ice

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/03/2008 04:26:00 PM
Had a wonderful day in Cambridge yesterday, and the theatre to watch Peter Pan on Ice. It was a wonderful production and so magical, i thoroughly enjoyed as did Izzy, unfortunatley, Lilly was not so willing to sit and watch!

Every year my Auntie buys us tickets to the theatre for our Christmas gift, last year it was Snow White on Ice and this year was Peter Pan. I must admit that Peter Pan was far superior to Snow White. It nay have helped having seen "Neverland" the day before as the whole story etc was still in the children's minds.

After the show we did some sale shopping, and for the first time, Izzy went clothes shopping with some birthday money, and what a joy to see her looking through the rails at next, gathering up clothes and puting together ensembles. She came away with a bag of clothes for only £20!!! she was estactic and today we have already had several changes, lol.

WOW what a fabulous response to the 365 day challenge. i am finding you all over the globe joining in. Kathy Marie has set up a dedicated section over at Paper Jam Studio for anyone participating, I have also set up a Flickr group, and Mary Ann at UKS is also setting up a dedicated gallery for you UK gals!

I couldn't believe , when i checked my referrals yesterday, that Donna Downey had given the 365 day challenge a mention in her newsletter, from afar a field as New Zealand and Kuwait, all joining in the fun. Remember , you can jump in at anytime!

Thanks to everyone for your support and comments, it does mean alot :)
Hugs all

Anna xx

9 Response to 'Peter Pan on Ice'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 11:00 PM

    Go glad this has taken off for you hun! See you Saturday xxxx


  2. Robyn Said,'> 3:32 AM

    Oh does sound like a fab day! I love Peter is one of my many childhood memories! Fantastic on your daughter buying a whole bag of clothes for 20 pnds.! Overall sounds like a divine day!


  3. Kristin Said,'> 5:07 AM

    that is fantastic that its going so great! And thanks so much for the blog comment :) Loving the challenges! I added in today's challenge!


  4. kathy marie Said,'> 5:11 AM

    i love the challenge...even though ive been sick i only took snap shots of other parts like my feet hehe.


  5. Sandie Said,'> 9:31 AM

    I'll be uploading my pics to my blog later on today, I am loving the prompts. I have never seen any production on ice, I will have to look out for one locally, it sounds fantastic!


  6. Aline Said,'> 10:05 AM

    Oh, Peter Pan sounds great! We are going ot visit Lion King on Sunday, birthday present for our son.

    Wish you a great weekend!


  7.'> 9:59 PM

    check you out girl!!!
    so impressed with your challenge!


  8. Kate Said,'> 1:44 AM

    Oh Peter Pan sounds wonderful!! I'm off to check out your challenge now. Wonder if I can keep up?


  9. scrapwitch Said,'> 10:53 PM

    hey doing the 365 day self portrait challenge too..i'm almost half way thru day 175today...or was that 176...
    good work on your pics