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Just Chillin

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/13/2008 11:40:00 PM
Love the weekends, this weekend was no exception. Izzy had a party to go to Saturday afternoon, which left just Lilly, Peter and I. Time to spend alone with just one is always a moment to treasure. Not that I love one less than the other by any means, but it is always so nice to spend some quality time with one, and get the best out of them. Saturday afternoon we came home, wrapped up on the sofa and played chess, well Lilly and Peter did whilst i curled up on the sofa and read a book. Then as promised we took Lilly out for dinner to Chez McDonald's, her choice not mine!,where she dined on chicken nuggets and a McFlurry. Then off to pick up the party girl who was in very high spirits.

This morning peter headed over to start this seasons coaching for the Bedford American Football team, (terrible i know but haven't got a clue what their team name is!), whilst i had a lay in and did today's 365 prompt. "When in doubt, have a bath" by Mae West.

This will not sound crazy to any mums out there. But bath time is a time to be cherished and is golden. Sunday morning is my bath time, lol, all week its a quick shower, but Sunday is my time in the bath. I settled the girls in front of a DVD and i ran myself a bath, did a mini facial and just soaked for 15minutes, in absolute silence.
Made a cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for us girls and then settled down to a bit of computer time and scrapping. The girls have been pretty good today, thankfully.

Pencil Lines sketch 67 is live. We were very lucky to have been sponsored by Fresh Pages this week using lots of Scenic Route.

Journalling reads: A minute spent with Lilly is a lifetime of joy.

This altered Heinz tomato soup can is a project i did for Easy Craft Projects, go check ity out on their website for a step by step

Everyone is in bed now, I am just about to finish a few things before lights out, a little bit of reading time and then sleep!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend
Anna x

10 Response to 'Just Chillin'

  1. Em Said,'> 12:04 AM

    Gorgeous page of your daughter!

    I am completely LOVING the tarted soup can - what a fab idea!


  2. MsGrace Said,'> 3:44 AM

    love all you creations.
    I being a mother of four completely get the bath thing...I think I need to schedule it in for myself too.


  3. Aline Said,'> 9:10 AM

    Anna, your photos are gorgeous! And I totally love the layout and project too. Wishing you a beautiful week!


  4. Sandie Said,'> 1:54 PM

    Gorgeous PL layout this week, and the soup can project is FAB! Thanks for all your help today xx


  5. Tanya Said,'> 7:51 PM

    I love what you did the the Heinz beans can.
    Beautiful LO's Anna!!
    I'm off to check out that site!


  6. Jami Said,'> 9:43 PM

    Thank you for the nicest compliment of my "bath" photo. I followed a link I saw on one of your blogs to itty bitty actions....LOVE the actions. I contemplated a little and had to have them. Thank you for the link! I love the idea of the 365 challenge. I get backed up here and there, but have tried to keep up on the blog part of it. It's neat to see all the different views from everyone participating. Have a great week!


  7. suebaru Said,'> 10:57 AM

    Love your jazzy bean can!


  8. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 6:32 PM

    Oowww.. you're sooo creative and good girlie!! I soooo love your new creations.... especially the can! Such a great idea!!!SO colorful and fun with yummie details!!! Thanks for sharing! XOXO


  9. lyzzydee Said,'> 8:16 PM

    very creative!! love the chess shot!


  10.'> 11:59 PM

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the strips of paper!!!