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blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/20/2008 09:17:00 PM
Ever had one of those days, weekends, even weeks, where you don't want it to stop? This weekend has been one of those. We haven't done anything special, but it has just been perfect!
Saturday, Lilly and Peter had an afternoon together and went to the cinema to see the Bee Movie. Izzy and I had time together and went food shopping. OK so that sounds like torture, but Izzy is so into what we eat and cooking , so i asked her if she would like to come with me. It was so much fun, choosing meals, deciding on how many apples to have and which variety to go for. We then headed off to the clothes department where Izzy pointed out her "style" to me. This is so funny, Izzy is only 7 and has a "style", bless.

(no its not an eye, yes it me, and mmm, hadnt thought it looked provocative!)

We got home, unpacked and then had a boogie in the living room to Rhianna's new CD which she got for Christmas. It felt like i had spent the day with a best friend, not my 7year old daughter, so magical!
I then cooked us a gorgeous Chicken dish, packed with flavours of coriander, orange zest and juice and cardamom pods, absolutely gorgeous!

(my sunday morning look, fresh face, pure just me!)

Sunday morning and Peter and I are woken by breakfast in bed by Lilly and Izzy!! Are these girls just the best!. Peter headed of for training and the girls and I baked all afternoon, cookies and cupcakes. (photos to follow). Before the baking it was photo shoot time, for today's 365 prompt, mmmm well i ended up not using the photos but boy we did have fun!

I then found this piece of artwork on the fridge by Lilly!!!!

Tonight I cooked what sounded delicious but wasn't so good. Lamb marinaded in cumin, mint, garlic and lemon juice, served on a bed of potato and pea mash with green beans. The mash did not go down well at all, and i had to re cook the lamb as it was still pink inside!

Pencil Lines sketch 68 is live, with a brilliant scrapper, and has been a loyal reader of ours. Do pop on over and have a look. Also here are my layouts for this months Scrapping Angels kit

Have a great Sunday, hope you had as good a weekend as I did.


Anna xx

13 Response to 'SMILE!'

  1. Sandie Said,'> 10:02 PM

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! I've been baking too :) Love your SA Kit Layouts, I Can't bring myself to use mine yet LOL xx


  2. suebaru Said,'> 10:46 PM

    Love Lilly's fridge magnet creation!


  3. Robyn Said,'> 11:15 PM

    Glad I got up! Whew! all kinds of things going on! Lovely things that is!


  4. Deanne Said,'> 11:50 PM

    wow anna, would you mind if i scraplifted your happiness LO, i'm so new to LO's and love this one and I've just recvd my kit from you too?
    hope i can. xxxx
    i've had one of those weekends too, my sons first birthday and a little tea party for him.


  5. Tanya Said,'> 12:17 AM

    Anna you sound so much better.. and what a lovely weekend ..To be woken with breakfast in bed.. you're girls are too adorable.
    Your work is beautiful.
    Hope the floods have subsided.. I met a girl from Bath today and she said that today was going to be the crunch day for whether the flooding was going to get worse.. So I hope the weather men were wrong and that you all have been saved from more flooding!!
    Lots of love


  6.'> 12:37 AM

    Love all the photos!! Great Lo's! I'm so glad that you had an amazing weekend!


  7. Lala Said,'> 3:05 AM

    Love your photos as always... your pages too of course! LOL Sounds like a totally great day with your little girl!!! Cherish those days!



  8. Debbie Said,'> 7:01 AM

    only just catching up - sorry about the floods anna, i hope things are looking better now. Fab photos and i love the 365 challenge, where can i find more info as i would love to take part too if thats ok? :)


  9. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 7:06 AM

    Hehe.. so funny your little girl is having her own 'style' already at that age.. Hey.. you can never start too early picking your own clothes right?? hehe!!

    And love your new creations too!! How awesome! Love what you did with the new PL sketch! How cool!!



  10. Aline Said,'> 9:26 AM

    The bw photo is so cool and your pure me is truly beautiful! :)
    Love your projects and I am glad to hear you had such a great weekend! :)


  11.'> 11:07 AM

    what a blessed weekend you had!


  12.'> 4:41 PM

    Sounds like the purrrrfect weekend to me:)
    Love the LO's too and that photo! WOW! I just have to get me a new lens.


  13.'> 12:00 AM

    Fantastic pages!