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Oh my Oh my

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/10/2008 11:04:00 PM
I swallowed a fish bone!!! My first, and Dr Peter came to the rescue with a stick and a pair of tweezers, although i did get the giggles before he finally got the little $%^£&* out!
I made a gorgeous dinner, of salmon, new potatoes and broccoli, nice glass of white Chardonnay when i started to choke! So glad Peter was home, no idea what i would have done. Izzy was out on a dinner date with her boyfriend, it was his birthday, ( they were chaperoned by adults!), so it was just me, Lilly and Peter. Anyways, no emergency rush to A&E thank goodness!

It has been such a dark and dreary day, i have not been able to photograph any projects. I have completed an altered tomato soup can for Easy Craft Projects, after being inspired by Tracie's, altered baked bean tin. I have a few layouts and sketches to get done this week also.

2008 has started well with a couple of GDT spots for me. Received emails before Christmas from my fav US kit company, asking me to GDT in April and then an email from a fab UK company asking me to GDT, month to be confirmed. Also I have a few GDT sketch artist spots coming up in the next few months for some US companies, and finally at the end of last year I got a call from Scrapgenie asking me to join the DT!!!! I am so excited about this, i will be going to Stitches in February to do some demo work along with the rest of the very talented DT.

April is Scrapping Angels 3rd retreat and plans are starting to be made for classes and such. I cannot believe how quick this has come round. Just waiting to see all the new releases from CHA before i can finalise classes. Tracie is off to CHA at the end of the month so I am going to ask her to keep a good look out for new and exciting lines.

Thank goodness its Friday tomorrow, so need the weekend, lol. Photos from the 365 challenge, are you still playing??


Anna xx

9 Response to 'Oh my Oh my'

  1. Tanya Said,'> 11:46 PM

    I am I am.. and really loving it Anna.. I really look forward to what our next prompt will be every morning.
    Glad to hear you're okay after swallowing the fish bone.
    Well done Peter for saving our "Star".
    Congrats on making all those design teams. You are so wonderfully talented. I am so thrilled for you!!
    I'm now off to try and finish up a CJ.. It's stopping me from doing my LO of the week that I really want to have finished by the time our next one comes around.
    Love you much Anna.
    See you tomorrow!


  2. Gillian Said,'> 3:28 AM

    Your eye photo for today's challenge pic is nothing short of amazing.... I love how it's so soft looking.... ah! Absolutely gorgeous :) I wish I could be half as good as you!

    Congrats on all the DT work too!


  3. chanel Said,'> 6:34 AM

    i decided to play along with the 365 days ...
    so fun
    luv chanel
    p.s. glad you got the fish bone out! yikes


  4. chanel Said,'> 6:37 AM

    ok ... so i have not been doing it properly ... i will go back and look at all your prompts - ops! i have just been taking photos each day!
    i will get on track now!


  5. Aline Said,'> 8:16 AM

    What a gorgeous pic of your eye! And I am really glad to hear that you're ok after this 'accident'.

    Congrats on your DT spots, so deserved!!


  6. Sandie Said,'> 9:37 AM

    WOW Anna, congrats on the DT/GDT spots, that is fantastic news! I am still playing along with 365, just try and stop me!!

    I can't wait till the retreat, I am counting down the weeks already :)


  7. Polly Said,'> 11:10 AM

    I am playing, just not had chance to upload anything yet!! I can assure you tho I am LOVING every moment of it. Thank you!

    Poor you!!! Glad to hear hubbie was at home to rescue you, not sure I would've coped with that if I had just had my little ones at home with me. Hope your throat isn't too sore.

    Izzy with a boyfriend... ;) Cute!!

    And lastly a HUGE GIANORMOUS congrats on the DT and GDT spots, you do truly deserve it. You're one inspirational funky mama.

    Have a great weekend x


  8. lyzzydee Said,'> 9:03 PM

    I hope the fish bone leaves no lasting effect, it must have been very scary. I am enjoying the challenge but I am dipping in and out (more out at the moment) due to work committments!!


  9.'> 11:27 PM

    my more bones please!!!
    love that picture of your eye....but please tell me you have a few wrinkles...otherwise I will feel horrible :)