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Hey we had snow!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 2/08/2007 11:10:00 PM
and lots of it, in fact around 4 inches which is alot for us southerners and the most i recall seeing in about 6 years. No school for the girls, work from home for daddy and a morning spent making a snowman. Although I cannot believe how many disagreements could be had between father and daughter over building a snowman! It's like, how many snowmen have we built in our lifetime, and does it really matter? But in the end this monster of snowman was finished and became the 1st Bowkis snowman in Southoe, and we love her. Did try and embellish her with 4" angel kiss blooms but they wouldn't stay on, lol, and can you actually believe i didn't have a carrot in the house so she has a lump of wood for a nose!

And that was about it really. The afternoon was spent lazing about on the sofa in front of the wood burner,having lunch and watching The Kid by Charlie Chaplin. I am still sitting in a bombsite of an office, have paperwork to complete, emails to send, orders to pack, orders to chase and so on, you get the picture.
My poor Lilly has come down poorly again and is sporting another high temperature and barking cough, and is extremely clinging towards me. I reckon she is making sure i do not desert her again, bless her.

I leave you with no LA pics today but of the fun in the snow and our 1st snowman of 2007 (and very likely our last)
Hope you all had a great day.

Anna x

7 Response to 'Hey we had snow!'

  1. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 2:37 AM

    gorgeous :)


  2. jake Said,'> 7:55 AM

    ah yes, I remember one snowwman we made, and I did not have a carrot either.... I mean honestly! When do you NOT have a carrot lurking somewhere in the fridge??? It's sabotage, I know it... But anyway, I improvised, and used a rolled up cone of cardstock - and it lasted as long as Frosty! Lol! But a wooden nose is good, and the girls look like they had a fab time :-)


  3. suebaru Said,'> 8:09 AM

    Fab snowy pics hun! Hope Lilly feels better soon.


  4. Cath Said,'> 8:53 AM

    Aww! you are SO lucky! We have a great a great ski range about 14 miles away from us, and we've no snow! We were gonna take the kids boardin/skiing today, but its looking unlikely :( not happy chappys.

    That has to be THE most glamerous (sp) snowlady I've seen - LOVE her eyelashes!


  5. Cath Said,'> 9:24 PM

    Stunning pictures Anna, lovely snowman!
    We have snow now but Corey is in bed :( Hope it's still here tomorrow


  6. Candy Said,'> 10:07 PM

    What georgeous pictures, they make some lovely layout for the future.
    Thank You


  7. Ann(i)e Said,'> 8:36 PM

    gorgeous pictures!! that is the cutest snowman ever!! dean got to make his first snowman this week and I didn't even get a hoo!