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Honey I'm Home!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 2/06/2007 02:39:00 PM

Boy am I glad to be back, although still jet lagged, what a wimp I am. I had a wonderful time meeting wonderful people, thanks to all the Zsiagettes for looking after me so wel, thank you to the MC girls for having me and to Suzi for spoiling me at Sweetpeas. I have met so many people, walked many miles, know the big blue bus timetable inside out and need to learn how to order low fat food in the states!
I still havnt downloaded all my pictures from my trip so i will add them over this weeks posts for you all. I will start with my welcome home banner made by my gorgeous girls, who i missed so terribly. i was crying before i had even got through the green channel at heathrow!
Arn't these the most beautiful flowers ever as well? Chosen by Lilly and a little pipe cleaner flower made by Lilly with some help by mummy;).
So many gorgeous things at CHA, although I wouldn't say any ground breaking stuff, well at least i didn't See any. Mel from ATDML has some great pictures on her blog if you havnt seen already. I loved this dress made out of paper. This btw seems to be the hip way top display papers and embellies. Lots of dressed mannequins were seen, even 1 company was doing a make and take on them!
Bumped into Emily and bump! She is looking so well and was off to Paris that week so we didn't manage to spend much time together. Heidi Swapp is having another baby, how does she do it?! OK not the having the baby bit, but the... oh you get the drift.

Thursday and Friday was "me" time and I headed down to Santa Monica Plaza and shopping area. had a yummy sushi lunch and strolled down to Venice Beach, mmm what can I say, very little actually, this photo says it all really!
Friday did the LA/Hollywood star tour. Saw Manns Chinese Theatre, Beverley Hills and Rodeo Drive. And yes I did go shopping at Tiffany's, the $ is too strong not too, lol.
Forgot to say on Saturday night I headed to Disney Land with Marie from Zsiage, loved it, and Sunday was the Zsiage dinner at Downtown Disney, where we bumped into Tim!!! who just happens to be good friends with Dina and Jeanene.

Today has been back to the grind stone. I have gone through emails and will start packing orders tomorrow. Check out Scrapping Angels tonight for details on the February Kit as well, very cute. EBay is causing me headaches as its seems no one has bothered to read that i am away which has left me with many angry emails and negative feedback :(, not a happy bunny.

Did you see Pencil Lines while I was away? We had the ever talented Elsie Flannigan and this weeks is Cathy Zielske!!! How lucky are we to have such talented designers on board. And it was great to met so many people in the US who knew of Pencil Lines as well, picked up some great sponsorship whilst i was away so many great goodies in store for the DT and Readers Gallery, I really cannot wait.

OK I am away for a week and I have come back to "Blog Pimping" PMSL, how unbelievable is this. I have been known to pimp my own blog to see if it really effected figures, and it did, so is this really why bloggers pimp, to increase viewing figures? I really cannot see the point, but it seems there are blogging wars going on all over the UK at the moment, but hands up I do pimp Pencil Lines, because its the BEST!!!

More LA shannanigans tomorrow


Anna x

8 Response to 'Honey I'm Home!!!'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 8:25 PM

    Just a short post then?! ;)


  2. Beth Said,'> 8:33 PM

    So you didn't really enjoy yourself then, lol? Good to have you back safe and sound lovely. Beth XX


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 9:09 PM

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time, and I love the banner your girls did how gorgeous and so very sweet.

    That dress is unreal love it !!


  4. karen Said,'> 10:56 PM

    glad your back sounds like you had a fab time and without me bloody cheek luvs ya


  5.'> 8:05 AM

    nice to have you back hun.. missed you!! What a fab time you had.. so jealous...
    Blog pimping is never required for Pencil Lines.. will always be No1 cause it's fab!!
    Take care of you
    Huge Hugs of Lub


  6. Ann(i)e Said,'> 4:39 PM

    so glad to have you back!! Next time you go to America, I will be with you and promise to show you all the wonderfulness that is there (when you look hard enough!!)


  7. Spice Said,'> 10:19 PM

    Is that guy cute! Is he your husband?


  8. Tonya Said,'> 3:02 PM

    glad you had fun on our side of the pond, but how nice to be home, eh?