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too busy to blog

blogged by me domestic goddess On 2/21/2007 10:44:00 PM
crazy I know, and with so much to show and tell.
In the meantime as promised, this weeks scrap challenge.

Buttons, buttons, buttons. I have hoards of buttons in every colour imaginable, every shape known to man, from plain Bazzill buttons to some odd character ones. Buttons from my favourites outfits of the girls to haberdashery leftovers.

I am sure you too have more buttons then you use on any 1 layout. And may even have stopped using them for some other new product.

So my challenge to you all this week, is to

"go and use your buttons in a creative way"

Leave me a comment with a link to your creation by Sunday night and i will draw a name and post a bag of goodies to the lucky winner.

Have fun

Anna x

13 Response to 'too busy to blog'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 11:16 PM

    I hardly have any buttons ...which is why i need to nick some of yours! But I need the ones in your pic...who makes them?!


  2.'> 11:41 PM

    I am with Sue... I hardly have any buttons (hehehe) so I need to nick erm borrow some of yours too!!... lol... so spill where you get the buttons in the pic???

    Hope you & the gang are all well
    Huge Hugs


  3. Laura Said,'> 12:21 AM

    I love buttons, so will definatley join in.

    However, none of my buttons are as funky as your buttons- i really must visit the haberdashery shop to have a peek and see if there is anything remotely similar!!!

    Question, how do you tackle to bobbly bit at the back so it'll sit flat on a LO ??


  4. Holly Lane Said,'> 12:41 AM

    cool challenge, I'm a little button challenged! lol

    I LOVE the ones in the picture too! :)


  5. Lala Said,'> 1:06 AM

    OK I am loving those buttons in your picture.. i am SURE I don't have any half as cool- but a few weeks ago I was on a button kick.. might have to revive that deal!! Great challenge!



  6. Cath Said,'> 8:54 AM

    Ooooooooo I have a gazzillion buttons, but 99.9% of them are plain boring ole buttons... don't think I've got time for a challenge this time - great idea though :D


  7. Anonymous Said,'> 11:22 AM

    Wow! Those buttons are yummy! I don't have too many buttons but have a couple. Shall post a piccie when I get home (I'm in the uni library at the mo).

    Love Gems xxx


  8. Chrissie Said,'> 11:52 AM

    Laura - you have to cut the shank off the back with an evil cutting instrument, like a shank cutter (they exist don't they?).

    Anna, the button top left in the's sitting to the right of the yellow button with red dots...can I just say...RUDE or WHAT?! ROFL!!!! What IS that picture on that button girl?! LOL


  9. Positivity Said,'> 3:29 PM

    I am definitely more of a hoarder than user of buttons so thanks for this.

    This is about as creative as I get though LOL. The link to my layout is here


  10. Ann(i)e Said,'> 10:25 PM

    I am in such a button craze at the moment...if only I had the time to use them!!


  11. Anonymous Said,'> 9:14 AM

    I love buttons,Those buttons are lovely, never seen them that yummy.


  12. Lynne Said,'> 10:07 AM

    What lovely buttons - even though they are not Here is my layout that i did for this


  13. Stikks Said,'> 7:11 PM Well I cheated - I did this button LO a few months back now but I'm addicted to the liddle round shiney things too!! Cool challenge xx