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Happy Birthday Lilly

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/06/2006 03:59:00 PM

My little Lilly is 3 today, all grown up and how time flies. She is our little star, she makes us laugh, she makes us cry , she just makes everything perfect. Lilly has so much spirit , if you have ever had the pleasure (and I mean pleasure) of meeting her you will know exactly what I mean. One of my BOB entries was a LO called "There's something about Lilly" and there really is, you cannot put your finger on just 1 thing that makes Lilly who she is, she is unique!!!! And all mine.

I am frighfully busy, hence the lack of posting lately. Bonanza is only days away and I have just received my kits to do lo's for, as you can imagine it is going to be a rush, but will be done. So looking forward to the actually event. I will be meeting and traveling up with Ann(I)e and cant wait to meet her.
I also have 26 project deadlines for bookazines to complete by 15/05 and the 25/05!!!!!, so I really am a busy bee.

Jennie is with me at the moment, poor thing has hardly seen me except the back of me, and that's not a pretty site at all!!! She is off out with a very dashing soldier on a motorbike today to Cambridge for a picnic and sightseeing!!!! I am hoping to get the juicy gossip later when she returns.

And finally Kirsty had the most difficult task of choosing a winner for the scrap yourself challenge, and I wholeheaetedly agree on her decision, Hannah's layout titled "I am afraid" touched many of us, and fulfilled the brief and everything that Kirsty was looking for
Well done Hannah!!!
The Scrapping Angels retreat is booking up fast so if you want to book a place get yourself over to the site and reserve your space NOW!!!
Also I am looking for a retreat blinkie, pink, black and grungy if any of you girls fancy making me one, I want the words "I am a Scrapping Angel".
So that's it for now, mini cyber crop is in full swing over at The Lounge, and has also had a massive spring clean.
I am off to pack Junkitz Kits and watch Cinderella with my birthday girl
Anna x

6 Response to 'Happy Birthday Lilly'

  1.'> 8:18 PM

    Happy Birthday Lilly!


  2. kaz Said,'> 8:30 PM

    oh how sweet does she look, i only wish i was there but im sure you will give her lots of hugs from her aunty karen. Also she isnt all yours she is mine aswell luvs ya


  3. Jen Said,'> 9:52 PM

    Just LOOK at that little princess! Happy Birthday Big Girl! I want to hear all about Jaffers' day out!!


  4. greyparrot Said,'> 11:58 PM

    Happy birthday darlin lillykins! Hope you all had a fab day-Jennie I hope you behaved!


  5. Ann(i)e Said,'> 9:59 AM

    Ditto sweet-pea, can't wait to meet you...we really must chat soon to detail our plan (only I have no idea what time we need to arrive, where we need to be etc.)
    Be on the look out for a ver big, very red, very koooool pickup truck pulling up outside your home!!!


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 10:06 PM

    Happy Birthday Sweet Lilly

    Levi sends you all his love as well

    Hugs to you all and see you soon pudding