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AMM azing

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/15/2006 06:42:00 PM
I am back from Bonanza, completely knackered, hence the lack of blogging. Spent yesterday asleep most of the day, and today sorting out my personal life!
But back to Bonanza, it was a ball. Met so many wonderful people, had the fabulous pleasure of driving up to the NEC with Annie, who is just gorgeous and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Met the bubbly Mandy Anderson, Bubz, Cath, Di, Amanda, Donna, Jo, Mel and Jill,Lorraine and oh so many more , I need to check my photos, which are in Annies pick up truck!!! Oops.
After all my nerves, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching you lot, it was brilliant, and even though I was so knackered, my feet are covered in blisters and my back has suffered greatly for it, I will defiantly do it again if asked!!!
My fav class has to be the AMM azing Grace class by AMM, and seemed to be a lot of the girls fav as well. I loved the Arctic Frog LO's the best. the class room assistants worked their butts off and a BIG thank you to you all.
Kirsty and I vs Mandy and Annie did the scrap challenge Friday night which was nerve wracking but a lot of fun, and we won, wohoo!!!!
the NEC was hit by lightning Friday night and Kirsty, bless her had a funny turn Friday afternoon (read her blog for details)
I am still recovering from the weekend, and now have my own retreat to get cracking with, so I am leaving with you with some of the class LO's I did in the Artic Frog class and then Friday when I meet up with Annie and retrieve my camera I can upload the Bonanza piccies!!!
I now need to confirm my mode of transport to Newcastle for my hospital appointment, flight is too expensive, and so is the train, oops, and I also have a presentation to put together and kits for an evening I am doing at Izzy's school on Friday, they say no rest for the wicked!
Hugs all
Anna xxx

10 Response to 'AMM azing'

  1. Ann(i)e Said,'> 7:29 PM

    Sweets, it was the best time wasn't it!! Still trying to recover!!!
    Can't wait to see you Friday!


  2. Mel Said,'> 7:37 PM

    Hi Anna, It was great to meet you at Bonanza, hope the blisters go down soon. When they ask you back to teach next year I must book myself in to one of your classes! Mel x


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 8:18 PM

    Wow sounds like you had a great time, can't wait to see the please put your feet up and chill

    Take care


    Ali xxx


  4. Chrissie Said,'> 9:43 PM

    AMM class was definitely one of my favourites. I was up at 6.30am on Sunday (just woke up!! I was naffef off about that! LOL) so I went and finished the last 2 pages and hey presto, done deal (cept the photos of course).


  5. Roz Roz Said,'> 10:13 PM

    Anna, it was brilliant meeting you at Bonanza, and I'm glad your classes went well, hope your blisters go soon and the hospital goes ok, take care hunny bunny


  6. Donna Said,'> 10:59 PM

    Hi Anna - it was great to meet you at Bonanza and I had a ball helping out in room 6. Loved the classes you did in there hun.:)


  7. Paula Sealey Said,'> 5:55 AM

    Sounds like you had a great time Anna. Now give those blisters a rest, lol!


  8. Jaffers Said,'> 11:35 AM

    I definitely think the flowers and the word ‘day’ on the Arctic Frog layouts are the high points…mwahahaha! ;)
    Fab to see you there sweetie, even if it was in hectic bursts!


  9. Cath Said,'> 1:04 PM

    It was lovely to meet up with you again Anna, and I think considering your back you did fantastically well!!! My back was aching by the end of the day!

    I'd love to see the photos :) - sorry for being a bit blonde with the camera lol!!! funny thing is, as you say I have one very similar, but I get all fingers and thumbs with other peoples cameras and "professionals" on the other side of the lens!!!

    I'd love to do it all again too. x


  10. mandy Said,'> 1:47 PM

    hey Anna

    Know what you mean about being knackered... i still dont think my feet have forgiven me!!!

    It was wonderful getting to know you a little more and i hope i get to see you before next year... well a girl can hope cant she..

    Hope you are taking it easy and looking after your back girlie...and sorry i didnt get to say a proper goodbye