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THE Weekend.....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 5/22/2006 04:48:00 PM

As you may know, Peter and I needed some getaway and US time, so thanks to Annette we headed to the Suffolk coast and a village called Butley and stayed at the stunning Butley Priory. Peter compared it to a drug retreat!!!! Men eh! In other words we are in the middle of nowhere, exactly what we needed. Our room was quite small but lovely and intimate.
We headed out to Offord a small village on the coast about 5 miles from where we were staying. Unfortunately the weather was appalling so long walks and art beach photos were not to be. But we did head to Offord castle which was stunning. A Circular castle, home to Henry 2nd.
In the evening we had dinner at a stunning restaurant with rave reviews and a best selling author as head chef, but blondie here cannot for the life of me remember the name of the restaurant or the chef!!!! So much for "best selling". Anyways I gorged on salmon, scallops and local Brill and loved it.
The next morning was brekky and check out. The weather was slightly brighter so we headed into the grounds for a few photo opportunities.
On the way back to Cambridge we came across this amazing archway in the village Snape, and of course needed an "Elsie" shot, OK so I am no spring chicken but I had a laugh!

It was lovely to get back and see the girls, I really am useless and always so look forward to getting back to Lilly and Izzy whenever I go away.
Today I have been catching up on the usual, have orders to pack and send out, have been researching for a couple of books I am contributing too as well. Oh and I got my 1st commission Friday for 2 star books for a twins christening. Really looking forward to doing this, even though I have to complete by the end of the week, yikes!
Got my piccies back from Bonanza so will be emailing you all a copy, well those that are in the piccies of course!
Retreat is in full swing of being organized, sorting out a list of sponsors and class details. The next month we will get more details to everyone of what you can expect, without giving too much away.
Isn't the weather pants!? Whatever happened to May Madness of summer sun? I have photos of the girls last year in swimming cossies in the garden playing in the paddling pool just after Lillys birthday, no chance of that happening

Now I have loads of photos from the weekend I am hoping to crack on with Paula's advert challenge #2 with our weekend away photos. Do pop over and check out Paula's challenges they are great for getting your mojo moving!

Anna xx

ps if anyone can photoshop peter holding the camera reflection in his glasses, i would be mega grateful xx

12 Response to 'THE Weekend.....'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 5:37 PM

    I am SO VERY glad to hear your weekend was two deserve it!!!
    Wish I could help with photoshop, but I struggle...URGH!
    Chat soon dear!!


  2. Kim Sonksen Said,'> 6:45 PM

    Loving thise pictures. Awesome!!!!

    I photoshoped the picture for you hun, here is the link- Let me know when you saved it so I can take it off photobucket again


  3. Cath Said,'> 7:25 PM

    Great photos Anna :) I thought that your camera was a digi one - Oooops! was it not? soz if I wasted any film them! that's a rookey for ya! lol

    Your retreat looks fantastic, glad you had a great time xx


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 7:33 PM

    Cath don't panic, it is a digi, Anna left her camera is someones car and has just got it back!!

    Glad you had a fab time hun, you deserve it

    Take care




  5. greyparrot Said,'> 8:41 PM

    glad ya had fun doll -x-


  6.'> 12:25 AM

    oh anna - those pictures are fabulous. you look so good!


  7.'> 6:14 AM

    Fab photos Anna and I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend awayxxxx


  8. Sue Jones Said,'> 7:39 AM

    Glad you had a good time..brill photos :)


  9. kaz Said,'> 8:22 AM

    hope things went well ( you know what i mean ), place looks fab and for once in a long time you have a smile on your face, hope you had a good time luvs ya


  10.'> 10:14 AM

    Hi welcome back,

    glad you had a good time.



  11. lee woodside Said,'> 2:20 PM

    Oh my hubbie and I so need a weekend away like this.
    Love your pics.


  12. Cath Said,'> 9:34 AM

    Glad you had a great time sweetie. Awesome pictures(as usual!)