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Married to my soulmate with 2 beautiful girls,and our English Springer Spaniel, Suki. Living a country life in Cambridgeshire, whilst baking, gardening, and photographing our daily lifes, where they find a place on my scrapbook pages.

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blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/10/2007 11:06:00 AM
Bags not packed yet, but will be, lol, important numbers and checklist left for Auntie Linda, class and project sheets sent for the UKS Summer Camp cyber crop!!, layout completed for Pencil Lines.
Whats left to do?!?! Yes I have camera batteries charged and 2 x 1gb memory cards packed! Itinerary planned by hubby.

On our itinerary is

Gaudi architecture
Picasso museum
Palace de la Musica (cannot wait!!)
Maritime museum (for peter!)

and lots of tapas and sangria bebe!!! Can you tell I am so excited, maybe because this is teh first time, yes first time Peter and I have been on hols together since the girls were born.....

I am leaving you for a few days will be back on Tuesday with lots to post about I am sure. In the meantime I have a box of Artic Frog goodies to send to a lucky poster. Just leave me a post, in Spanish if you so wish, and the girls will draw a name on Tuesday!!

Adios bebe!!!

Anna xxx

55 Response to 'Adios!!!!'

  1. Helsbells Said,'> 11:31 AM

    You'll have an amazing time doing those things. Make sure you see Casa Batilo (sp?) - the outside of the building is gorgeous.

    The Picasso museum is fab too :)


  2. Trubags Said,'> 11:35 AM

    Have a sangria for me!


  3. Lisette Said,'> 11:49 AM

    Hasta Mañana! Have a great time!


  4. Starlight Said,'> 12:10 PM

    hahaha Adios dear,
    tenga una viagem maravijosa!
    Con mutcho sol,fiesta e diverson!
    Asta la vista babe!:0)


  5. Kelly Said,'> 12:14 PM

    Have a fabbo time away!!


  6. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 12:15 PM

    Hahahha.. you're funny.. I don't speak Spanish at all..whahhaha but uhm.. is French ok too?? Whahaha.. Adios girlie!! Have a fun and safe trip! XOXO


  7. Sandie Said,'> 12:29 PM

    WOW sounds like you're going to have a fabulous time, I look forward to seeing the photos.


  8. Kerry Said,'> 12:40 PM

    Have a wonderful time :-)
    Make the most of it!


  9. Kelly S. Said,'> 12:46 PM

    Hola! Me llamo Kelly. Que pasa?

    that is the extent of my Spanish :
    Enjoy your trip!!!


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 1:00 PM

    ¡Esperanza usted tiene un rato fantástico y toma algunas grandes fotos!


    Hope you have a fantastic time and take some great photos!

    Annmarie B


  11. Aline Said,'> 1:08 PM

    I'd love to post in Spanish, but my husband (he's spain) is not here. I wish you a great journey and a wonderful time together!

    Barcelona is beautiful, I so love this town and I can't wait to see the tons of pics you surely are going to take.

    Have a great time, gute Reise! :)


  12. Anonymous Said,'> 1:14 PM

    Buenas dias.

    Adios amiga

    tree_saw from UKS..dont have a blogger that working at the minute


  13. Ann(i)e Said,'> 1:37 PM

    have a wonderful time!!!!
    lots of love!!!


  14. Andrea Said,'> 1:57 PM

    Hola! That's the extent of my Spanish. Hope you have a fabby time :)


  15. scraphappy-uk aka Julie Said,'> 2:11 PM

    You are soo going to enjoy's my all time fave place on our planet...been twice and would go back tomorrow - Gaudi rawks. Au revoir (oops thats French!) Julie C xx


  16. LPinky Said,'> 2:32 PM

    Have a fantabulous time!!!! Cant wait to see the photos.xx


  17. Anonymous Said,'> 2:37 PM

    Have a great time, have lots of paella and sangria



  18.'> 2:49 PM

    Hope you have a great holiday!


  19. Rachael Said,'> 2:49 PM

    Have a wonderful time!! Have a drink for me!


  20. StarGazer Said,'> 2:52 PM

    Have a fantastic time - I can say hand on heart that the few times dh & I have managed a quick trip like you & Peter are having have been the best holidays of my life. A few days together, exploring, soaking up the sun & enjoying the time together should be available on prescription.


  21. Anonymous Said,'> 3:41 PM

    Repeat after me: Donde esta el bano? Trust me, you'll need it!

    Have fun!
    ~Nicole (from Cali...remember me?)


  22. Anonymous Said,'> 3:53 PM

    Have a fabulous time!!!

    Lori B aka StraitFan10 @ SIStv


  23. Deborah Said,'> 4:01 PM

    I would love to be with you at the Picasso museum. I know they'll have to drag you out! I love Artic here I am.......


  24. Lisa Said,'> 4:43 PM

    no spanish from me but I am sure you will have an incredibly wonderful time anyway! Enjoy


  25. Tracie H Said,'> 4:59 PM

    Tenga un viaje seguro Anna.
    Goce las vistas y los sonidos de Barcelona.
    This little bit of spanish may come handy! LOL!
    Dos cervezas por favor



  26. Deanne Said,'> 5:43 PM

    wow a trip away together, that would be great, i love barcelona too.
    enjoy it tons x


  27. Tracy W Said,'> 5:59 PM

    have a fabulous trip, sounds amazing!


  28.'> 6:07 PM

    Have a safe and wonderful trip! I will miss your POTD's, but I am sure you will MORE than make up for it when you return!



  29. Louise Said,'> 6:08 PM


    Have a fab time.


  30. AnnaB Said,'> 6:48 PM

    I hope you'll have a fanatstic weekend!!!!


  31. Steph Said,'> 6:49 PM

    Ola chica! Have a fab time in Barcelona!! I've never been but heard it's beautiful!


  32. Cath Said,'> 7:14 PM

    Hope you have a fab time sweetie! Happy Anniversary xxx


  33.'> 7:41 PM

    Tenga un rato maravilloso y tenga una cerveza para mí!

    Have a wicked trip, looking forward to seeing the gazillion photos!!


  34. Staci Said,'> 8:09 PM

    I'm so jealous!!! have a blast can't wait to see pics....


  35. Andi Kingsland Said,'> 8:46 PM


    Gwenos dios!
    (is that right)- well it sounds Spanish even if it is not) :)
    Have a great time,


  36. Rachel Tanner Said,'> 8:48 PM

    Wow I wish I was coming although I did go last year when we saw Coldplay that was very fun.

    You deserve some fun!


  37.'> 9:10 PM

    have a fab time anna :) Hopefully i will be heading out there towards the end of the year too - will need some pointers on best bits!!


  38. ally Said,'> 9:19 PM

    Hola Amigo! como esta?

    i was there this time last week, you will have an awesome time.


  39. Beth Said,'> 10:22 PM

    Tenga un rato maravilloso y tome las porciones de fotos

    I'm so jealous. Its one place that i'd love to visit


  40.'> 11:01 PM

    Have a lovely time Adios!


  41. I Made This Said,'> 1:27 AM

    Hope you have a wonderful time Anna! Looking forward to see the photographs!
    Claire x


  42. RiNNE Said,'> 7:08 AM

    buena suerte!! have fun!


  43. Alison-lee Said,'> 7:42 AM

    Just the place I'd like to go to!!!


  44. Lythan Said,'> 1:07 PM

    Have a wonderful wonderful time. Barcelona is sooooo inspiring!


  45. Heather Said,'> 1:56 PM

    Hola! have a fab time in Barcelona! I loved it there esp Parc Guell and the Barri Gotic :)


  46. sollie Said,'> 6:09 PM

    Enjoy your time together. Don't forget to drink a cold sangria. Yummie!!!


  47. Lisa Swift Said,'> 3:21 PM

    Hope you're having lots of fun Anna and Peter on your anniversary getaway! Can't wait to see lots of pics of the city when you get back xx


  48.'> 11:03 PM

    Hi Hun....

    hApPy AnNiVeRsArY tO yOu BoTh!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful time...

    HuGe HuGs
    H xx


  49.'> 8:37 PM

    Hope you've had a great time. Start planning next anniversary trip when you get back.


  50. Roz Roz Said,'> 11:31 PM

    Que un fin de semana brillante, usted ambos merezcan la interrupción de las chicas. Tenga un Aniversario maravilloso. Adore Roz.


  51. Jackie Said,'> 11:49 PM

    Tenga un rato del fab en Barcelona Ana, usted la merecen!

    Jak x


  52. Anonymous Said,'> 8:27 AM

    Have a fab time - you deserve it.

    Kerry xx


  53. ania Said,'> 5:54 PM

    Yummy photo and I hope you had a blast!! **hugs**


  54.'> 9:19 PM


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    the french scrapbooking papers & accents
    I hand drew/designed, please?
    It's the dream of my life.
    here :

    In advance, merci beaucoup for your precious time offered.

    Bonne journée,

    With regards,


    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


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