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The Feel Good Factor

blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/26/2007 07:08:00 PM
The weather is good, the sun is shining and us Bowkis's are doing family stuff which in turns makes me feel good!!!

candy floss love

helter skelter

the T Cups

Yesterday we went for a walk and then headed of to the Town Carnival and Fair. I love the Fair Ground, brings back many fond memories of my childhood too, toffee apples and candy floss, yummy!!!!

The girls had great fun and then we came home and had a BBQ, ending the night all in our PJ's watching the bats, the stars and the night life starting to venture out for the night. The girls loved looking at the moon through Peters Telescope, and sitting at the end of the garden watching our 2 bats flying about. Saturday was a feel good day!!

And today has been the same. I had a lie in, had breakfast and Peter and I lounged on the sofa watching "A Place in the Sun" on TV for hours!!, while the girls played super heroines in the garden, clean washing blowing on the line. Oh I love the lazy days of summer.

This afternoon i decided to make a couple of cards "Nancy"style using up scraps from the Junkitz sponsorship we had for Pencil Lines.
This evening I may crack on with a LO I have to do for a magazine gallery, the theme is food. This is not a difficult subject for me at all, lol. Probaly going to do it on my love for Sushi...

Decided to start a photo blog last night, do pop on over and take a peep. Its very down to earth with photos of my "studio" and things that make me go mmmm, as well as photos i love of friends and family!

It just leaves me to remind you all its Pencil Lines new sketch upload tonight, do pop around, am so excited about this guest, she is a fashionista, a wonderful person, and a super talented scrapper. So go check us out!!

And to celebrate my feel good weekend and that its a Bank Holiday here in the UK and that Peter is off for a week, phew!!, I am RAKing some of my Basic Grey to one lucky poster. Just leave a post below and I will pick a winner tomorrow night. Lots of BG paper some c/s, BG stickers, BG fibres and BG tags and chipboard as picture above is all packed in a pizza box ready to be shipped to a lucky poster....

Good luck
Have a great Sunday

Anna xxx

120 Response to 'The Feel Good Factor'

  1. Toni Said,'> 7:55 PM

    Well hello, loving your blog, looks like you all had a great day in the sun :) lovely pictures to scrap aswell, thanks for the pencil linesw reminder i always forget lol Good luck to everyone for the BG rak, it is very generous of you :) x


  2. nellis10 Said,'> 7:56 PM

    I would "Be Grateful" for some BG papers....I've "Been Good" all week and done some lovely cards, but have no lovely papers!!

    "But Goodness" me, if i dont win I'll just keep on plugging away anyway!!LOL

    Take care!!


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 7:57 PM

    Looks like you had fun at the fair. My dd loves the fair as well


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 8:00 PM

    Such a great pictures and love your card too just like I LOVE Nancy's work.


  5. Unknown Said,'> 8:03 PM

    I'm just lovin' your blog... and your photo's are fantastic!

    BG Giveaway too... I have only just bought my very first lot of BG yesterday at my very first 12hr crop... I got the 'Periphery' as there wasn't any of the 'Urban Couture' that is on my wishList for a couple of layouts of my darlin' wonderful Twin Boys... my search goes on!

    Good Luck to everyone and keep up the lovely Blog... you have inspired me to get a move on with my own! :)

    Erika x


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 8:04 PM

    Oh thanks for this, I adore BG. Your Sunday afternoon sounds great, I love A Place in the Sun too. Just heading over to Pencilines, enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday.
    Best wishes


  7. Anonymous Said,'> 8:04 PM

    Too much Basic Grey - go wash your mouth out with soap and water! LOL! Loving the blog!


  8. ** Paula ** Said,'> 8:05 PM

    oh lovely stash!!! lol!!
    loved the photos too - looks like a blast!


  9. alisonr Said,'> 8:08 PM

    Sounds like you've had a lovely family day. Great photos too. Wish I had your problem of too much BG though lol!


  10. Amanda Said,'> 8:09 PM

    Looks like a great day by the photos love the card Have never tried any BG as yet but it looks lush will check out the new sketch later love the pencil lines


  11. Olivia Said,'> 8:10 PM

    Saturday sounds like a lovely day & you have some great photos as a reminder.

    Only just got into BG although it has been popular for a while so the rak would be very much appreciated. Its very kind ou you :)

    Thanks for your inspiring LOs, off to check out the new pencil lines sketch now.

    Good luck to everyone,


  12. Anonymous Said,'> 8:10 PM

    this is my first post on a blog and it was inspired by the thought of that BG, but after browsing and seeing the insight it gives to that person i think i will be trawling through a few more!
    What a lovely thought to do the RAK and im a firm believer that what goes around comes around so im sure you will be rewarded for your kindness.
    have a great weekend.


  13. Lesley Mark Said,'> 8:11 PM

    My LOs recently have all been so colourful, that I think I need to calm down, and just use some basic, grey, papers! I've visited your blog often as I love your cards and layouts, but have never left a comment before. I am ashamed it's taken a bribe to get me to do so. I'm a good person - really!


  14. Anonymous Said,'> 8:12 PM

    I found your blog from I would love to win some of your BG stash! I have been on a no-shopping budget since May and I am going crazy.
    Your gallery is amazing. Lots of great inspiration. And I LOVE Pencil Lines!!!
    Thanks for the chance and have a Great day!!!
    ~Kelly Jo


  15. Anne Said,'> 8:14 PM

    OOh- how kind. I love BG - the new ones are gorgeous! Love your blog, super LOs and photos. Have been checking out the pencil lines site and find the sketches really useful when the inspiration dries up!! Good luck everyone.


  16. Anonymous Said,'> 8:15 PM

    This weather is truly lovely and I agree there is nothing better than clean washing on the line!

    Annie Bellamy

    PS I would love me some BG!


  17. kara Said,'> 8:16 PM

    i'd love a box of BG, august is one of those months when everyone seems to have birthdays leaving me with no stash fund. i love your blog- will have to add it to my ever increasing list of scrappers blogs to snoop at


  18. Katy Said,'> 8:17 PM

    How can you have too much BG??? Not possible surely! Would be delighted to be included in the RAK draw. Love your card and helter-skelter pic and I must try out Pencil Lines soon. Take care.


  19. Anonymous Said,'> 8:17 PM

    How nice of you. I LOVE BG!!! Found your post and blog on Great blog. Sounds like you had a great day!!


  20. Flapsi Said,'> 8:20 PM

    wow - a bg rak - there's something to think about!! As it's both my real birthday and my scrapping one (one year old scrapper now!) some BG would be very welcome! It's been great to find this blog though, I'll deffo be back!


  21. Jemm Said,'> 8:21 PM

    Some gorgeous photos on your blog. I really do need photography lessons.


  22. Anonymous Said,'> 8:23 PM

    ooooh, BG!
    Love your photo blog - will add it to my feed reader :)


  23. Andrea G Said,'> 8:23 PM

    no such thing as too much BG! Thats very nice of you to share :)


  24. Anonymous Said,'> 8:23 PM

    Wow fabby pics looks like you have had a fab time!!!

    OOO I would also love some BG - I'm a late bloomer you know but I do Actually use what I buy - not just stroke!!

    Although I love the smell when I open my RUB!!

    Julie xx aka ScrappyDandyDoo


  25.'> 8:29 PM

    Anna...can you ever have too much Basic Grey? It's just like you to think of others.

    Great pics AGAIN!

    Emma aka eblondie


  26. StarGazer Said,'> 8:29 PM

    Well as somebody who has no bg at all in their stash & due to a recent mega bout of scrapping only has about 25 sheets of pp to her name, I'd love a rak!

    Your Saturday sounds like heaven...hope your bank holiday weekend continues in the same vein


  27. Sally Said,'> 8:31 PM

    droooooooool I love BG! Bookmarking your blog and photo blog :) Love your piccie of the helter skelter, makes me want a turn!


  28. Unknown Said,'> 8:34 PM

    I try and keep up with your blog everyday, but nearly missed todays, having spent the day out with the family. Would absolutely love to win the BG, so glad I made it here after all. Keep up the great work your an inspiration.


  29. Unknown Said,'> 8:34 PM

    How Kind of you to Rak Your Basic Grey.
    I found your post on there all the time with my teamies.
    Thanks for the chance to get some lovely papers
    Take care


  30. Anonymous Said,'> 8:37 PM

    WOW how generous.....count me in please too. Scrappy~Sarah over on UKS :)


  31. Wendy Said,'> 8:38 PM

    I love your blog ( im a lurker sorry i will comment more)

    Bg is the most fantastic company ever!!!!!


  32. Anonymous Said,'> 8:41 PM

    would love the chance of some BG as no where local sells it and I'm not able to buy on line the only bit I have had was a 6x6 pad of mortifica which I love but it is running out!

    Fab blog btw.


  33. Anonymous Said,'> 8:43 PM

    What fun to find someone who is willing to do something nice. so much doom and gloom in this world lately. Its made me feel all cheery.

    How strange I read your blog earlier today before I had even seen the BG giveaway thread. I love your style, i still have so much to learn - although I have been on uks for approx 2 yrs, I havent scrapped nearly as much as I should have.

    Good luck with the run.

    Fluv(uks) aka Jane


  34. Julie Said,'> 8:46 PM

    Cant get enough BG! What a nice RAK! Have a great Sunday!


  35. Anna Said,'> 8:48 PM

    I love BG and can't believe you would give some away, but I would gladly accept it if I won!
    I am originally from Bedfordshire, and loved the fair, the sounds and smells; onions grilling, toffee apples and candy floss. The helter skelter was a great time too. Love your photos.
    My name is Anna Louise too!


  36. Rach Said,'> 8:48 PM

    Happy days!
    Fun times. Love the pencil lines this week well I do every week!
    Take care and keep enjoying life like you do!


  37. Anonymous Said,'> 8:52 PM

    Hi fab blog, and fantastic LO's as always, you never fail to amaze me how you get so much fab stuff done and raise 2 beutiful girls too, can i have the secret please??
    too much BG?? i dont think ive ever used any!!
    thanks for the insperation


  38. Carmen Wing Said,'> 8:52 PM

    As many have said - I do love your helter skelter piccy. Whenever i see one I'm so tempted to have a go but have this awful fear that my bum will get weged halfway down and the firemen would have to be called... actually... not such a bad idea after all! :P

    Carmen x


  39. Sam Said,'> 8:55 PM

    Loved your picture of the helterskelter, always loved that when i was a kid!!! Hope you had a fabby weekend

    Love Sam


  40. Carol Said,'> 9:00 PM

    oooh, what a cool rak :)

    Isnt it amazing how spending time with your family can make you feel "good" - hope you all have a fab time.



  41. I Made This Said,'> 9:00 PM

    Giving away BG?! 'Tis very generous, another RAK in such a short space of time! Then again, you are very kind hearted indeed. Hope the sun stays out as I have a week off work too! Hurrah!
    Claire x


  42. Unknown Said,'> 9:01 PM

    Love checking in on your blog. Any BG is a good thing.


  43. Anonymous Said,'> 9:05 PM

    sounds like you have had a fab family weekend, how wonderful, the girls are just like me coz i was taking pics of the moon last night too, we have had a fab fun weekend with the inlaws and the WII such laughter. luvs ya


  44. voodoo vixen Said,'> 9:10 PM

    Love those bright sunny pics - makes me think summer isn't quite over yet! :) What is better than lots of BG? Free BG!!! LOL
    What a sweet generous soul you are.
    hugs from
    Annette (Voodoo Vixen)


  45.'> 9:18 PM

    Oh I love that card! can't wait to see the new pencil lines sketch. Thanks for the chance at a RAK for BG!


  46. Anonymous Said,'> 9:19 PM

    what a lovely idea to donate some of your bg papers etc as a rak.

    thank you


  47. Looby Said,'> 9:26 PM

    wow - what a lovely lot of BG! I love your blog - very inspiring!
    Anyway, here's hoping I win (bet I don't tho! LOL)
    Lou x


  48. Fae Said,'> 9:32 PM

    Wow! I would love to have 'too much BG' - using mine up in a circle journal :)


  49. Anonymous Said,'> 9:33 PM

    Oh basic grey yummy yummy, me and my daugher (7 and also a ukscrapper) would love to share that scrummy load of stash. Your photos of your fun in the sun are fabby

    xxkerryxx (ukscrappers)


  50. Unknown Said,'> 9:35 PM

    You can never have too much BG - I love it! A very kind gesture from you. I often read your blog but have never left a comment before either - your LOs are great!


  51. Anonymous Said,'> 9:44 PM

    I've been looking at your lovely photo's in your gallery and they are brilliant, so natural, and your studio pics are great. Your work has inspired me, both your photos and layouts, to be a little more myself, a more natural approach.
    Keep up the good work.
    I hope the BG goes to a good home, it looks yummy. I have never used it myself but see that lots of people do.


  52. Unknown Said,'> 9:47 PM

    Hello anna,
    I came on your blog tonight to tell you that I finally finished a LO I started at your class at Lockerbie last October! i will photograph it tonight and post on my blog asap.
    What a generous RAK!


  53. Anonymous Said,'> 9:49 PM

    Wow, how come I've never come across your blog before?? It's great! I'm going to add it to my favourites right now... as I love blog surfing!

    As for BasicGrey??? I'm a complete my good friend SarahPitts can testify! However, you can never ever have enough BG!!

    I'll be popping in regularly from now on! Thanks for the link on UKS!



  54. Heather Said,'> 9:50 PM

    Ohh would love some Basic Grey stuff! Got to be in it to win it :) I've not been scrapping too long so my stash is pretty pathetic right now & I love BG stuff. Very generous offer!


  55. Louise Said,'> 9:54 PM

    Anna, Love your new photo blog. Hope you don't mind me pointing out that you have done what I always do and called youself Lousie on the right hand side or your blog under your picture!

    Love Louise (AKA Lousie)


  56. Beth Said,'> 9:56 PM

    It looks like you have all been haing a fab time.
    Hope you have a fab bank holiday monday.

    you can never have too much BG


  57. Lori Said,'> 9:56 PM

    OK, I admit it- I'm here for the RAK! Think I spot some BG there I haven't got so if you fancy sending it my way it'll find a happy home! LOL!
    Great blog and off to check out Pencil Lines as I'd forgotten all about it this week!


  58. Anonymous Said,'> 10:10 PM

    Aww sounds like you had a fabby day Anna - I am glad :o) xx


  59.'> 10:11 PM

    I'm excited. I so love Basic Grey. I checked out your blog with Pencil Lines. You Ladies can and do a fab job. We'll let's see if I can win some good taste stuff.


  60. Anonymous Said,'> 10:14 PM

    Anna , you weekend sounds blissful, we sure have to make the most of lazy days and SUNSHINE at last !

    PS.Please add me to your list of hopefuls.
    Thanks :)


  61. Linda Said,'> 10:22 PM

    Have been spending far too much time recently reading your blog and others by some of my favourite scrapping ladies.Finally got down to some scrapping myself tonight only to get stuck with my journalling. Started surfing looking for inspiration and have got totally sidetracked. These blogs have given me inspiration both in my own scrapping and with my blog. One thing that amazes me though is how you all find the time to do all the things that you do? I thought it was so sweet the other day when your daughter told you to go and have a rest, mine just thinks i spend too much time scrapping.
    Would love to be the lucky lady on the receiving end of your BG goodies.
    Hope you had a good weekend and made the most of the sunny weather, I know I did.


  62. Anonymous Said,'> 10:23 PM

    Hi, your blog is great and i am having a great time reading it.
    Good luck to everyone who has entered a comment here:)
    And how kind of you to offer this RAK:)


  63. Anonymous Said,'> 10:38 PM

    Too much BG. I dont ever have enough. I read through most of your blogs. Whoever gets your RAK will be one lucky person!


  64. Anonymous Said,'> 10:44 PM

    Loving your blog, it's been on my feed for a while now! Your gallery is so inspiring, it cheers me up every time I look at it.
    So kind of you to give a BG RAK, I don't know how you can bear to part with it! I'd love to receive it, but I'm sure it will be well appreciated whereever it ends up. Thank you!


  65. Anonymous Said,'> 10:50 PM

    Oooh, I followed your UKS trail to free things!!! I bought my very first BG yesterday.

    Love the helter skelter pic BTW. And that's genuine, not just creeping to get the RAk. Not that I don't want the RAK. Or that I think anyone else is saying nice things just to get it, that would be mean and I'm not mean at all. Well, obviously I'm no saint, but I try to be nice if I can...

    I'll shut up then.


  66. Clare Said,'> 10:52 PM

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I would luv some BG papers.......


  67. Anonymous Said,'> 10:56 PM

    Too much BG - are you mad!!! Obviously yes, but isn't that a pre-requisite for all us scrappers!

    Love the recent pics



  68. Anonymous Said,'> 10:58 PM

    I really love that card you made today...would love to see it up close! Oh and do is it possible one can have too much BG? lol! I can't seem to get my fill....hopefully I will be lucky! *grin*


  69. Anonymous Said,'> 10:59 PM

    What an inspiring Blog - and this week's PL sketch is brilliant.
    Not quite sure how anyone can have too much BG ... but if you're giving it away I'd give it a good home LOL!


  70. Anonymous Said,'> 11:16 PM

    Drool!!! I don't know how you can stand to part with it, but I would promise to give it a good home - it would get lots of love and attention every day!! LOL.

    Love your blog and the sketch is awesome!! Have a great week.



  71. Anonymous Said,'> 11:17 PM

    I have never used BG but have heard wonderful things about it. I would love to be added to the list.



  72. Deb Said,'> 11:44 PM

    Great blog!! I`ve bookmarked you now so I`ll be back for more x x


  73. Kirsty Said,'> 11:50 PM

    Love the blog, will definitely be checking it our properly as soon as I get chance :D


  74. Kate2962 Said,'> 11:59 PM

    Fab Blog and such a generous RAK, Good luck with the race


  75. Anonymous Said,'> 12:00 AM

    I'd love a chance at a RAK of BG, but more importantly I'd love to see a layout using "the T cups" picture. I have a very similar one from our trip to Disney and have been at a loss on how to scrap it.

    Thanx!! Jeni


  76. Anonymous Said,'> 12:23 AM

    WOAH! That is A LOT of BG stuff!!

    - Shelly7105 on

    I don't have a blogspot thingie :(


  77.'> 12:44 AM

    Am i too late?!
    I am arn't i?!!!


  78. Anonymous Said,'> 1:00 AM

    Please add me to the drawing if you haven't done it yet!

    Daughter of the King on


  79. Sissy Said,'> 1:13 AM

    Woah! You are feeling generous huh?!?!

    Since I actually own maybe a total of 5 sheets of BG, would you kindly add me to your drawing? Thanks and I enjoyed your blog!

    Have a great night!!!


  80. Michelle Said,'> 1:23 AM

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! :)
    Take care & Thanx for the amazing RAK oppertunity ;)


  81. Anonymous Said,'> 1:29 AM

    Wow, how nice of you! I've never actually tried BG but I've heard great things about it. Thanks!

    Karen from Ohio


  82. Diane Said,'> 1:32 AM

    Wow...great looking BG favorite. Please add me into the drawing. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks so much for sharing.



  83. Deb :) Said,'> 1:45 AM

    What a nice thing to do!! :)


  84. Anonymous Said,'> 2:12 AM

    Thanks for the chance! :)


  85. Anonymous Said,'> 2:36 AM

    My goodness. You are so generous, but I think you are terribly mistaken about having too much Basic Grey. :) How sweet of you to want to share!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I love all the pictures.

    -Anna aka JoyfulAnna


  86. Rachael Said,'> 2:53 AM

    Looks like a great time at the fair!! Love your Nancy-esque card!


  87. Anonymous Said,'> 3:19 AM

    i love your blog, such great photos and ideas. well, as far as too much bg, i don't think it is possible either, but i don't know yet, because i don't have much! but the ones i do have i really love. so, i would love to be in your drawing! i could use some good luck!


  88. Anonymous Said,'> 3:29 AM

    Amazing blog! I have never used BG, I am trying not to spend money, but their stuff astonishes me! I would love to be added to the list.


  89. MichelleSG Said,'> 3:38 AM

    It's so very generous of you to RAK your overabundence of BG! Looks like you had a wonderful day too, hope it carries on through the rest of your week!


  90. cinnibonbon Said,'> 4:36 AM

    Glad you had a happy weekend! Best wishes.


  91. lolawid Said,'> 5:03 AM

    Love your blog, Love Pencillines, and love, love, love me some BG!! Have a great week!! :)


  92.'> 5:06 AM

    cool blog... i'm gonna try pencil lines for the first time tonight!


  93. aphotojunkie Said,'> 5:12 AM

    What a great blog.. Love your photos.... Glad you are having some great family fun.... Pencil lines is one of my favorite sketch sites... This is so nice of you...


  94. Anonymous Said,'> 6:09 AM

    I love your photos and your new blog is terrific:) Your RAK of BG is so very kind.One of my favorite lines (wish I had to much of it)!
    Keep up your good work & take care.
    Bev1 (


  95.'> 6:44 AM

    Oh, I love fairs! Remind me of my childhood too. Great pics, you totally managed to capture the fun! :)

    Don't count me in for the RAK (have tons of Basic Grey here at my place), just wanted to say 'Hallo'! Have a great day. :)


  96. Anonymous Said,'> 8:23 AM

    Great blog,have been an avid viewer of the Pencil lines blog for ages but the first time I've visited here.I love your card, wish I could come up with something so creative with my mound of scraps!


  97. Ali M Said,'> 8:29 AM

    I just love your blog...
    i dont visit mamny ..but yours is great...
    i met annie at Bonanza last year year...she is lovely!!!

    Hope you have a restful day..
    Ali M


  98.'> 8:35 AM

    Fantabulous new photo blog hun. and those girls of yours do just keep getting cuter..
    enjoy your lazy days of summer...
    huge hugs


  99. Gilly_mc Said,'> 8:58 AM

    Ooooh- this sounds exciting. I love basic Grey. What a lovely thing for you to do


  100. Carole Said,'> 9:01 AM

    Anna, what a generous offer to RAK so much Basic Grey. Enjoy your day today and I hope the sun is shining where you are. Love Carole aka Gingerbread Girl


  101. Lisa Said,'> 9:31 AM

    Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!! & that BG looks lush. Im almost ashamed to say that I have no BG in my stash as somehow I used it all?!?! Have a wonderful week!! x


  102. Roz Said,'> 10:42 AM

    Oh don't you just love BG, I love the dawson paper collection you have their.


  103. Mika Said,'> 10:48 AM

    Great to see that you have a great day in the sun, visist your blog for the first time love it. Hope to see you sometime on my blog.
    Mika (


  104. stephanie Said,'> 11:27 AM

    i adore candyfloss too. who couldnt like spun sugar??


  105. Anonymous Said,'> 12:52 PM

    Is candyfloss the same as cotton candy? Sounds like it is. Either way... YUM! The State Fair is here and we're taking the girls tonight after their first day of school. YAY :o)


  106. Anonymous Said,'> 1:19 PM

    Loving the new photography blog Anna and your Pencil Lines sketch is fab - what size is it? xx


  107. Jane Said,'> 2:09 PM

    What a fab blog , bookmarking it to come back and look later.

    what a fabby giveaway I can't imagine having that much BG in my stash , I had to hide it from scrapping daughters though.


  108. Anonymous Said,'> 2:44 PM

    WOW you are quite the crafter - AND photographer!

    I'm going to have to save this blog to my my fav's!

    That being said, how can you possibly have too much BG? LOL! :oD Doesn't matter! Send it my way, Puh-leazzzzzze! LOL

    Good luck w/ your RAKing and take care. :o)

    Beth (LakeshoreLady @


  109. Anonymous Said,'> 3:03 PM

    Too much BG? Crazy talk. :) Very kind of you to rak so much.

    I checked out your photoblog. Incredible.


  110. Unknown Said,'> 3:42 PM

    Enjoyed seeing your blog. Very generous BG Rak offer!


  111.'> 4:15 PM

    Great card Anna!!

    V.Generous RAK :)


  112. sollie Said,'> 4:38 PM

    I love on of those days you had!! What a generous BG Rak, girl!! You really rock.
    greetz, Isolde


  113. Caro Said,'> 6:00 PM

    What lovely photos of your girls. They are growing up fast. I would love some BG stuff - it looks fab but I've not been able to afford to buy any. Nice idea for a give away. Love, Caro xx


  114. Anonymous Said,'> 7:03 PM

    Great blog Anna! I followed the link to your fundraising website and was really touched by the lovely piccie of you with your Dad. I lost my beloved Dad to cancer in April 2005 (he was diagnosed in May 2003 after my darling Mum died). He seemed to be doing so much better for quite a while and then he had a fall, the doctor believed he broke his back, although he was never x-rayed.

    All the very best of luck with your training and then with the run - YOU GO GIRL!!!!! I want to, no, I am GOING to do the Walk for Life next year in memory of my Dad; I have wanted to do it and kind of just put it off. Reading your comments have made me realise I have to JUST DO IT.

    Our Dads will be PROUD. Take care, Tina xxx


  115. Anonymous Said,'> 7:06 PM

    Oops, not ANONYMOUS, but Sweetpea_2007 - UKS



  116.'> 9:10 PM

    I hope I am chosen as I do not own ANYTHING AT ALL by Basic Grey and I know a lot of people love it and I would love to see why people love it so much.

    Thanks you for your generosity


  117. Anonymous Said,'> 9:14 PM

    LOVE the photography blog Anna xx


  118. irene Said,'> 9:44 PM

    Anna- ran across your blog a few days ago through the pencil lines site.Love all your lo's and ideas! Just starting my 1st mini album! So sweet to share some of your BG papers and stuff! Take care and have a good week! Irene


  119.'> 10:16 PM

    So sweet of you! Love your work and Pencil Lines!!!


  120. Tracie H Said,'> 10:55 PM

    Glad to hear you are taking a rest....all work and no play is not good for the soul....if we dont create the memories then how can we preserve them?
    Enjoy the sunshine....sit back and relax...have happy.