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Honey we're home!!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/14/2007 07:39:00 PM
Where do I start?!?!

Barcelona is everything and more than I expected. A stunning city full of culture, amazing architecture, good food, and Gaudi!!!.

outside Sagrada Familia

We left England Friday afternoon after waving goodbye to the girls, and arrived in Barcelona late Friday night. Reached our Hotel after being greeted with the Casa Batllo lit up on Passiege de Gracia, unpacked our bags and headed out for our first meal of our holiday for Paella, Spanish beer and Sangria. Good start to the holiday.......

La Rambla

Woke up not that early Saturday to a gorgeous breakfast at out hotel (comes highly recommended Hotel Balmes), and headed out to explore a day of art. We started off with the Picasso Museum and an extra bonus a Lee Millar exhibition. She is my heroine, an amazing woman, the first female photojournalist who headed straight into the front line of the 2nd WW.

amazing wall art, balconies and palm trees

After some Tapas and Sangria we went to the Casa Batllo, OMG Gaudi is a genious. There is not a single staight line in this building, every nook and cranny, corner , door and window is curved, carved and created by hand. The courtyard, balcony and roof top was a mass of mosiac and colour. I am in awe of this mans eye for detail, and nothing looks out of place.
Saturday night saw us eating Sushi for dinner, and doing a "bar" crawl, lol of Barcelona, starting with the Irish Bar at Sagrada Familia, then onto "Dry Martinis" for cocktails. (see below for details!!). Staggered back to the Hotel at 3am, slept till 10.30 Sunday had some brekky and then back out on yo the hot streets of Barcelona. Todays itinery was the Sagrada Familia and Palace de la Musica. Unfortuantley the latter was closed for restorations throughout August.

The cathredral was outstanding and was a touching experience. We did not queue for a 2 hour wait for the lift, so cannot comment on the view.After a lunch at Fizz for sarnies and the juice bar we ended up at the Maritime Musuem for Peter.

our local tapas bar, mmmm

Headed back to Passiege de Gracia to our local tapaps bar and ended up dining like kings and queens for 37 euros!!! the best and cheapest meal we experienced. Hotel and bed by 8.30pm, I know light weights arent we, and I woke at 10am the next day!
Last day left us shopping at La Rambla and Passiege de Gracia, a spot of lunch and a last beer at our local tapas bar
The whole weekend was wonderful, exhausting and left me wanting more of Barcelona. Checked out and made our way to the train station to catch the airport train. Unfortuantley my story turns sour from here. As Peter and I climbed the steps to the train, both Peters hands on the suitcase, he was robbed of his wallet, containing all our ccards, money, train tickets and Stanstead car parking ticket!

I could bore you with the details but i wont. Lets just say i will no longer be banking with Abbey National, we did arrive home safely to our girls sleeping soundly and Aunti Linda waiting for us!Lilly has spent every night sleeping with Izzy whilst we have been away, how sweet is that!So here is my Top 10 List and my Top 5 "what not to do" list in Barcelona!
My Barcelona Top 10 List
- Picasso Museum
- Sagrada Familia
- Barcelona Cathredral
- Casa Batllo
- Hotel Balmas
- Catalana (tapas Bar) on Passiege Gracia
- Barcelona Card - free transport and discounted entrance to attractions)
- La Ramba
- Palace de la Musica (even though i only glimpsed from the outside
- Exploring the side alleys and streets

My Barcelona Top 5 "what not to do" List

- Drink at Dry Martinis at 10Euros a drink!!
- Expect a 20% surcharge when eating outside and remember they add 7% tax on all food and drink.
- Fashion and textile exhibition - dissapointing :(
- Octopus - YUCK!
- Wear a shirt tucked in - expect to have your wallet snatched .

I also had a knocker fetish whilst in Barcelona, more will be revealed on that tomorrow, lol!!!! Have downloaded all the photos we took, now to sort through a select few and start editing!. In the meantime I will uplaod a few favs over the week that show "My Barcelona".

Pencil Lines went live Sunday night, and I went for a clean and simple approach using supplies from August Scrapping Angels kit.
I am back to a proper days work tomorow. Spent today catching up on emails and phoning banks, ggrrr.
I have seleted my winners of the UKS Summer Cyber Crop , not an easy task, so many gorgeous mini books and layouts. Thanks to Sue for all her hardwork commenting on layouts whilst i was away, thanks hun..
Hoping to catch up on blogs and SIStv tomorow, also will be drawing a name tomorrow, have printed off 8 pages of names so far!!!
Until then its Adios from me
Anna xx

13 Response to 'Honey we're home!!!!'

  1.'> 12:54 AM

    oh those photos are beautiful. I am jealous! how fun.



  2. suebaru Said,'> 1:29 AM

    Missed you! Bummer about the cards though...:(


  3. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 4:13 AM

    glad you had a good time but that wallet deal sucks :(



  4.'> 6:19 AM

    WOW!! looks like you guys had a great time, well, except for the pick pocketing! that's not cooL!! So glad your vacation was more than you expected!!



  5. Aline Said,'> 10:02 AM

    Oh, looks like you had an amazing trip! I love Barcelona too, such a great town and lots to see! Can't wait to see more pics of 'your Barcelona'. :)

    Sorry about the wallet!


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 10:47 AM

    WOW so cool to know that you guys had a great time,and yeah the wallet episode sucks...
    Love the pics:0)
    welcome back sweetie!


  7. Sandie Said,'> 1:35 PM

    You've had a fabulous time....I can tell LOL. Gorgeous photos, you've obviously thoroughly enjoyed your child free holiday (you lucky thing) xx


  8. Tracey Said,'> 2:23 PM

    Looks fantastic - wish I was there in the sun rather than here in the wet UK. ENJOY!!!


  9. christiane Said,'> 2:38 PM

    good to hear you had a fab time!! thanks for sharing the pictures. barcelona is one of the top on my list!!
    welcome back!!


  10. Eminepala Said,'> 3:29 PM

    Aw I need to go to barcelona


  11. Alter Me Said,'> 8:18 PM

    gorgeous pics xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    thank you for all of your support with APL, Anna xxxxxxxxxxxx


  12. Anonymous Said,'> 7:29 AM

    Glad you are back safe and well. What goes around comes around as they say. Hope that is true for the pickpocket.


  13. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 9:05 PM

    Welcome back home girlie!! SO happy to see you guys had a such a great time together! The pics are awesome.. WOW! Makes me wanna go back to Barcelona too!!!!And love your layout.. such a great idea.. and so cute! XOXO