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Girls are just having fun!!!!

blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/16/2007 09:02:00 PM

Eight girls, Eight cupcakes, 3 cameras, and 5 fun filled hours gives you lots of giggles, photos and memories!!!

I have had the great pleasure of spending today with Sue, Holly and Em, and Lyzzy and Beth , and we have had such a great day.

Lots of photos were taken on our little photo shoot, although we did get told off for playing on the newly mowed grass at the small pond by the Farm House!!!! (don't ask why, not aware its private property all of a sudden!)We them headed home for lunch and scrummy cupcakes bought by Lyzzy. Well what is it about cupcakes, scrappers and cameras??? Five hungry children were not allowed anywhere near them until 3 hungry, photo scrapping mad mums had done their bit!!!!

It did produce some fun photos though...... Our visitors left around 3 this afternoon and I then got lost at this site. Which in turn produced these.......

OMG its is so much fun you have to have a play.

Thought I would share the classes i did for the UKS Summer Camp Cyber Crop at the weekend. I did a layout "Perfectly Posh", technique was based around the distressed paper flowers I am so in love with these days.

And also this mini book which got rave reviews and its versatility for ideas. I love this book and dedicated mine to scrapping friends.

street lamp

And finally here is another piccie from Barcelona,

Anna xx

10 Response to 'Girls are just having fun!!!!'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 11:36 PM

    Thank you for a wondeful day! Love that photo of the three of us, and the one of Em...oh, all of them!!And I'm going to Simpsonize us tomorrow....


  2. Tracie H Said,'> 11:54 PM

    Love the piccies....cup cakes look delish and I sooo must have a go at Simpsonizing the guys...J loves Bart!


  3. Aline Said,'> 6:33 AM

    Love the pics! Especially the last street lamp one. :)

    Have a great day!


  4. anita Said,'> 7:39 AM

    a day with friends and cupcakes...what more is there to life??!!!



  5. Sandie Said,'> 9:23 AM

    I want to be simpsonized LOL. Great photos, you obviously had a brilliant day!


  6. Debbie Said,'> 10:15 AM

    Those pics of the three of you are fab!! Ive had a play with the simpsonizer and its hysterical - the kids love it! lol


  7.'> 5:03 PM


    very yummy cakes!


    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


  8. ania Said,'> 8:56 PM

    Love the photos! How fun to have a photosession with friends - did that before the summer and had a blast! :D


  9. janine Said,'> 11:29 PM

    Your photos look amazing Anna! Love the vintage look shot in particular:)


  10. lyzzydee Said,'> 11:11 PM

    Anna, We had a gret day and your photos are truly brilliant, even I look good in them which is some kind of major miracle!!!
    Thank you so much, can't wait to see the rest xxxx