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blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/08/2007 07:32:00 PM
I hadn't realised it had been so long since my last post!!, guess i do have a life, lol!!!
I had planned to blog last night, but decided at long last to sit and watch a DVD that Sue lent me, 2 hours later i was mopping up tears and crying hysterically!!!
"I am Sam" Is a must watch movie. An amazing cast with the Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer in the leading roles. A fantastic soundtrack of Beatles songs sung by today's leading artists, this movie is definitely going on my "must have" list, i urge you to go and rent it today!!!
Seriously I have been a busy bee this week. Tuesday we visited the Deacons, had lunch and went of to the park and lake for a photo shoot.............................we got to the park and thats about it, numptee here forgot a memory card for her camera!!!!! I was so livid and stomped and grumped for about 10 minutees, BIG lesson learnt as this is the 2nd time i have done this, ggrrr. (thanks sue for this photo of the girls and me)
Wednesday we met up with Annie and entourage at Wimpole Farm. We took picnics and camera (with memory card!), the girls had a ball meeting Megan and Micheal who are wonderful children. Izzy still has a baby obsession and cannot understand why she cannot have a baby brother, NOW !?!?, it just ain't gonna happen hunny......

Today I have a few deadlines to get finished, spare bedroom to prepare for Auntie Linda,and food and a Boots shop to do, which may have to get done 1st thing tomorrow, we shall see.

Barcelona is only a day away and i am so excited. Will be packing tonight, making doubly sure i have camera and 2 memory cards with me!!!
have a great day!!

Anna x

11 Response to 'MIA'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 12:38 PM

    So glad you enjoyed the film, I warned you about the tears! Have a wonderful time in wherever it is you're going this weekend ;)!!Will miss you!


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 1:20 PM

    Where is it you're going again?
    Have a fab time!!!


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 1:42 PM

    great family!!!


  4.'> 2:10 PM

    Great pictures! Oh, and I love 'I am Sam'! I am also can't stop crying when I watch this film and I start in the middle up to the end. ;)

    I wish you a great time in Barcelona!!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 2:20 PM

    was great to see you!! lovely pics...can you email them to me please!!!


  6. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 6:33 PM

    gorgeous photos - love that one fo you and your girls - not enough of those type of photos :)

    enjoy bacelona.


  7. Debbie Said,'> 7:25 PM

    beautiful photos anna!! Will pop that dvd on my list of ones to watch :) Have a fab time in barcelona!


  8. ~Nancy~ Said,'> 9:36 PM

    The pics are gorgeous girlie!!! Have fun in Barcelona!!! XOXO


  9. Sandie Said,'> 12:31 PM

    Gorgeous photos as always!


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 9:28 AM

    Great pics. Have you seen this blog here check out the Tue 7th Aug post where it's about you!!


  11. Anonymous Said,'> 12:15 AM

    Just reminded me of one of my fav films.Will have to rent it and watch with dd now she is old enough.
    julie x