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blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/18/2010 09:31:00 PM
I have popped downstairs to the cyber cafe to do a spot of blogging. Poor Peter is upstairs shattered form our full day museum hopping!
Today we visited L'Orangery Musuem, Museum D'Orsay and Louvre.
Our favourite mueum by far was the stuuning rooms of Monet art at L'Orangery. There were 2 huge circular white rooms with his Water Lily paintings. The paintings filled a wall each, we were both taken aback and filled with emotion, it was truly spectacular; I will share photos on my return.
D'Orsay is our next favourite museum from today. I am a huge Van Gogh fan and there was an exhibition of his work there, including The Church and his self portrait, both which blew me away.
Also Monet, Renoir, Lautrec, Cezzane, Tisset and Millet and sculptures by Rodin to name a few of our favourite artists.
The Louvre is HUGE. I have visited before when I last visited with the Fashion College I attended, many years ago. It is an amazing musuem, just not my particular taste in art.
The Mona Lisa always fails to impress, I know I shouldnt say this. I think its because you are so far away from her, she is also surrounded by glass and with so many other people trying to see her, its hard to really appreciate the painting.

The weather has stayed dry for us, thankfully. yesterday was gloomy, but that has all changed now so hopefully better light for taking lots of photos!
The girls have been emailing daily which has been really sweet, and Izzy has popped a handmade card in our suitacse for every day we are here. If you are reading girls, Mummy and Daddy love you lots and miss you lots xxxxxx

So far we have visited;
Notre Dame
Place de la Concorde
Tuilerie gardens (right outside our hotel!)
Eiffel Tower (yet to do the climb)
Latin Quarters

On the to do list;
Arc de Triumph
Versailles (looks like we may have to cancel)
Museum Rodin
Museum Artillieres (for Peter)
Sacre Couer
Mont Martre
Moulin Rouge

I think thats about it! I am totally popped. Have hurt my back (tuesday morning) picking up my bra off the bed! Can you actually believe that. Sitting down is agony , as is getting up from sitting, but walking is a breeze!
Night all, and thanks for stopping by
Anna xx

PS: Dont forget to check out this post to win a signed copy of Pencil Lines the Sketch Book
PPS: Karen whats the name and where is the steak and chip restaurent! LOL
PPPS: Sue, we have the most amazing cake shop just around the corner from us! SOOO expensive

8 Response to 'Bonsoir!'

  1. Becky Said,'> 9:44 PM

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Hope your back soon feels better - I think cake might help lol!


  2. karen Said,'> 10:06 PM

    Anna the restaurant is
    We always go to Rue Marbeuf as our hotel is alway there.Its only does one set meal-no choice.AMAZING.We have travelled to Paris just to go there.Everyone we have taken has LOVED it.


  3. karen Said,'> 10:14 PM

    Oh and I forgot.If you go,Don't think your portion is small.When you finish you get the meal AGAIN!!!!Oh and the lemon tarts and profiteroles are to die for.


  4. Sheryl Said,'> 11:25 AM

    Anna, sounds like lots of fun - do fit in Versailles if you can, it's wonderful. Especially if you allow the time to go to the Grand & Petit Trianon.


  5. ania Said,'> 4:02 PM

    Sounds like such a lovely time is being had!


  6. Zarah Said,'> 5:39 PM

    I get all Paris-sick just reading this. I expect a FULL story when you get home!!

    (I agrtee to the Mona Lisa. When we were there, a woman got very sick so I was more interested in getting guards, making sure she was ok, and stnding in the way of disgusting people who were ogling the poor lady and saying stupid things.. so I guess I pretty much missed out on her altogether. Never even got in line after that. ;))

    Hope you find the Melrose restaurant and love it like we did!

    Have FUN sweetie!!


  7. eva Said,'> 1:36 PM


    I want to recommend you to visit the Garnier Opera, it is a cute and very elegant buiding. When I was in Paris, 3 years ago, it was my favourite.
    And I agree with Sheryl, if you can manage please go to a walk and visit Versailles, is like a princess castle and the gardens are incredibly wonderful.


  8. Heather Said,'> 8:28 PM

    I've been to Paris 3 times and never had any desire to visit the Louvre or see the Mona Lisa.. I'm the same as far as it just not being my personal taste in art. I absloutley loved the Musee D'Orsay though!! :)