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Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly

blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/07/2010 12:54:00 PM
I "heart" lavender, ask anyone who knows me, how much I adore the stuff! My first house was a Victorian double fronted house with gardens either side. I had a lavender path either side of the path to the house, much to Karens dislike; she would run up the path not a happy bunny, as the bees hummed working away on my lavender!
My accent colour for my wedding was lavender, and the guest bedroom was hues of lavender and white. I would pack up home and move to Provence at a drop of a hat just to be surrounded by a summer of lavender fields.
So when Karen Aldrin sent me this link to Hitchin Lavender Fields, I was in heaven! A photo opportunity if I ever saw one, and a moment for me to breath in fields of lavender scent and wish I was transported to Provence. Thursday was the day. I drove down to Karens house with the girls to meet up with Karen and her daughter and we headed off to Hitchin. Both Karen and I are doing Karen Russells photography workshop and the only brits on the course, so we have to stick together, LOL. It was great to actually work side by side on an assignment with Karen who has the same enthusasism for photography as I do and also has the best props!

Lilly was a willing model for the day, and soaked up the beauty of her surroundings, picking bags of lavender for me, and watching the bees at work.

please note, photos have been optimized for the web

This photo is far from perfect; the focus is very soft, but I just love it!

And now some Sunflowers; they just make you want to smile, don't they!

A not so cooperative model, bless

And a photo shoot behind the scenes! Karen taking photos of her daughter, and Lilly the prop girl!

Finally a little collage of a few favs from the day; thanks to Picasa.

all these photo are SOOC
click on photo to enlarge, no idea why its so small!

If you live in the East Anglia Area or Hertfordshire, I highly recommend a visit to the Lavender and Sunflower field. We came home with 3 huge bags of cut lavender, and some gorgeous sunflowers, as well as a great half day out, all for the pricely sum of £7.00!!! Now thats a bargain. I will be making some lavender bags I am sure, as well as some lavender shortbread. Saved my lavender plants from the chop right now, and I got to practise my photography.

I have used the Coffeeshop rounded corner action on my photos, love it and its free!

Ooo check back tomorrow as I have a great giveaway for those playing along with Crafty Friday! Check out yesterdays post for the first tutorial.
Have a great Saturday and thanks as always for stopping by!
Anna x

7 Response to 'Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly'

  1. Zarah Said,'> 1:01 PM

    Loooooovely photos! (And me? I love lavender passionately, too. :))


  2. karen Said,'> 2:21 PM

    Well.It looks like we got the best of the bad weather.Did you find a huge difference in your photos from when the peaked out for those few minutes?
    The exposure is off in loads of mine.
    But thats what teh course is all about-learning


  3. suebaru Said,'> 3:38 PM

    See, I told you yours would be far more arty than mine! x


  4. Em Said,'> 8:14 PM

    Fabulous photos and what a gorgeous setting. I can just imagine how fabulous it smelt with all of that lavender.


  5. Kathy Martin Said,'> 9:14 PM

    My goodness...I've never seen so much lovely lavender! Just beautiful! :)


  6. pattyo Said,'> 12:44 AM

    I love the smell of lavender! How lucky you are to have the fields nearby. I don't believe I've ever heard of lavender shortbread. How is that made?


  7. Lynetta Said,'> 12:36 PM

    Beautiful photo's :-)