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Such Sweet Tierney Giveaway

blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/08/2010 09:28:00 PM
London of Such Sweet Tierney has kindly donated some of her stunning handpainted buttons for my readers to celebrate our button project on Crafty Friday!

contents may vary

 If you would like to win some gorgeous buttons from Such Sweet Tierney, leave me a comment below, easy!
And look what I spotted in her Etsy shop for Twilight fans! Do pop over to London's shop as she doesnt just make buttons, she also makes some cute jewellary pieces too!

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Anna x
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34 Response to 'Such Sweet Tierney Giveaway'

  1.'> 9:45 PM

    C U T E giveaway! And cute Friday project idea too.. I love the button man.


  2. Sheena Said,'> 9:49 PM

    Loving the button man project x
    & fab give away x


  3. Becky Said,'> 10:08 PM

    Those buttons are gorgeous and I've got a scrapping friend who is really into Twighlight, so may have to get her some of those!


  4. Antonia Said,'> 10:10 PM

    Those buttons are beautiful, especially the ones with text on. Loved the button figures too - great stuff!


  5. suebaru Said,'> 10:12 PM

    Ooh, I now a certain teenger who would like those Twilight ones!! (but don't pick me!)


  6. pattyo Said,'> 11:43 PM

    How adorable are these! I must admit, I am a Twilight fan and I'm hardly a teenager! I've never seen such amazing buttons!


  7.'> 1:02 AM

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!


  8. Caterina Said,'> 5:15 AM

    What gorgeus buttons! Thanks for the chance!


  9.'> 9:45 AM

    Such cute buttons, loving the Twilight ones!


  10.'> 10:33 AM

    Wow! Beautiful buttons! Thanks for a chance!


  11. Anonymous Said,'> 11:17 AM

    What gorgeous buttons I'd love to have the chance of having some ...even if it's only one or two..Thank you Anna



  12. Tigs Said,'> 12:11 PM

    Gorgeous buttons! Love the twilight ones too.


  13. Tracie H Said,'> 12:26 PM

    A girl can never have enough buttons - love the text buttons - they are so petty and would work wonderfully with so many projects.
    Hope are having a good week - will catch up on Friday.x.x.


  14. Bethany Said,'> 12:41 PM

    Those buttons are fantastic!


  15. Kirsti Said,'> 1:17 PM

    How pretty are adorable...and Tracie is right you can never have too many buttons!!! Kirsti x


  16. Melissa Said,'> 2:48 PM

    great blog! and those buttons are really cool too!!


  17. Sue Bone Said,'> 3:55 PM

    Theya re very cute


  18. Guylaine Said,'> 6:42 PM

    Beautiful buttons! Thanks for a chance!


  19. Bethan Said,'> 6:56 PM

    Lovely buttons will have to put the shop on my list of places to visit.


  20. Heather Said,'> 7:36 PM

    great buttons!! definitely going to check out her shop :)


  21.'> 3:19 AM

    These are such cute buttons and I would love to win!


  22. eva Said,'> 10:27 AM


    This is the first time I am here, but I have to say that it will not be the last!!
    Congrats for your cute, inspirated and trendy work.
    Lots of kisses.


  23. Bev Said,'> 4:21 PM

    Gorgeous buttons, wonder how some of them would look in the button doll you made?!


  24. Anonymous Said,'> 5:32 PM

    *sigh* button love - i've added Such Sweet Tierney to my favourites.


  25. Mole Said,'> 5:54 PM

    Oh wow, how gorgeous are these (lust, lust)!!!!!


  26. Tinkertaylor Said,'> 7:36 PM

    Buttons? did someone mention buttons. These are fab, off to check out the shop. Thanks for the giveaway you're very good I'd want to keep them.


  27.'> 8:38 PM

    Now Anna, that is just putting temptation our way!! LOL

    Would love some of these - and I seem to be in the minority, but I much prefer the green & yellow ones to the Twighlight ones! LOL

    Your button man was just sooooo cute too, if only I had the time to have a go. *Sigh*


  28. Hannah Said,'> 8:54 PM

    Oh wow, what amazing buttons, will have to check that site out :)


  29.'> 8:34 AM

    scrummy buttons :)


  30. Zarah Said,'> 10:22 AM

    Oooooh, they are so pretty!! I've been to that shop before, oogling and droling. Hope I win! :D


  31. Jinny Newlin Said,'> 7:48 PM

    Oooo, Anna! I want to win some Such Sweet Tierney! Thanks for the chance! They're gorgeous!


  32. Kathy Rogers Said,'> 11:36 PM

    Loved these buttons, ever since we used them on a project in June!


  33. valechula Said,'> 5:00 PM

    love me some buttons yessiree!!!!
    that lime green one with the paint splatter is perfection in a button!!! and I will admit those twilight ones made my heart pitter patter a bit! off to check out ther shop now!!! thanks for introducing us to her!


  34. Jan Said,'> 3:12 AM

    Those text buttons are to die for!