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Paris Part 1

blogged by me domestic goddess On 8/26/2010 12:39:00 PM
Ahhh, Paris, the city of love. Peter and I had the most wonderful week in Paris,  having relaxing long lunches, days filled with art and a night at the Moulin Rouge!

Paris brings back many memories for me. As a young girl my Dad took me to Paris several times. I have 2 distinct memories of Paris with Dad.
We had dinner on a boat, which I remember being like a steam boat. It was the first time I had seen drinks that were blue and was mesmerized. It was also my first taste of asparagus, which I still love today and every time I eat asparagus I am taken back to this day with my Dad.
My other memory is on a last day in Paris, dad had run out of money, bless him, and we had a MacDonalds down the Champs Elysee; always the one to still keep it classy, LOL!

Here I am around 10 years old, at Versailles. Unfortunatley we didnt make it to Versailles on this trip.

check out the money purse!
We left home Monday afternoon and took the train to London and then caught the Euro Star to Paris. I have never taken the train to Paris, and was really impressed with how easy and unstressful it was! Would highly recommend travelling this way to anyone who lives in London or near to as an alternative to flying.

We arrived Monday evening at our hotel which was situated in the heart of Paris next to the Tuilerie Gardens. There was a fun fair there also and a Big Wheel similar to the London Eye. After unpacking we headed down to the Tuilerie Gardens and went on the Big Wheel to see Paris at night; breathtaking!
Took a stroll around the funfair and enjoyed a french hotdog; a huge hotdog in a french stick with cheese, and some Churos, which I had discovered in Florida and had a bit of a thing for. For UK readers, these are a donut stick with sugar, in Florida they had cinamon on them, absolutley gorgeous!!
It was then back to our hotel for the night.

Tuesday morning we woke to overcast skies, but thankfully still warm. Today we planned to visit Notre Dame and the Pantheon.

First stop was breakfast; and we ended up at McCafe, yes that is a MacDonalds cafe, but, and I mean a big BUT, it was so un McDonalds. There was so many gorgeous tartes, mini macaroons and pastries to make your mouth water, and a coffee looked like a work of art, LOL.
After breakfast it was a walk to Notre Dame along the banks of the River Siene.

As we made our way across the bridge we saw an ambundance of padlocks with names engraved on them. The padlocks are put on the bridge as a sign of a couple love to each other, we loved this idea. Peter and I had decided that we would add a padlock to the bridge, unfortunately we were unable to find anywhere that sold padlocks! can you believe that. At least it is an excuse to return, *wink wink*.

The Notre Dame came into our sights and as I remembered, is an exquisite church with amazing carvings and stained glass windows. there was a service going on when we arrived, and the choir was breathtaking.

After a morning spent at Notre Dame it was time for lunch. We found a lovely little French restaurent away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, and enjoyed a lovely lunch of steak, chips, salad and a glass of red wine. Unfortunatley, after half a glass of red wine washed down with painkillers for my back, i was a little spaced out and knocked half a glass of red wine over.

THE wine glass

I have never seen a so little wine travel so far! It splashed the couple next to us all over the young womans cream jacket!!! OMGG I was totally devestated and her grandmother was not impressed. The waiter seeing my distress came over to let me know it happens all the time!

We made a hasty exit and headed to The Pantheon. The sight that this building offers is quite fantastic. You can see literally almost all of Paris. The inside architecture is visually amazing: it has the Gothic decorations combined with the mainly classical style of the building, creating such an admirable neoclassical monument. The Pantheon is a must-see when you visit Paris, both because of the imposing architecture it has and in respect to the people that made the world a better place. I was totally blown away by the interior.
The Pantheon was originally built as a church for St Genevieve, the Saint of Paris and the main building is dedicated to her life with huge paintings and statues. Downstairs the crypt is used as a burial for famous people. Amongst those buried here is Marie Curie, Victor Hugo and Emile Zola.

by the Eiffel Tower
We wander through the Latin Quarter and down to de Cluny district, where we came across a french pub thats just had to be checked out. We actually went back to this pub again as we loved it here and it was reasonable priced.

We ordered a platter of cheese and bread, and a bottle of Rose, mmmmm. A little tipsy, we made our way to the Eiffel Tower for a few quick pics and some people watching, before making our way back to the hotel for an early night.

Back tomorrow with more tales from Paris and a Crafty Friday!
Thanks for stopping by

Anna x
PS: anyone know why some of my photos are so tiny???

8 Response to 'Paris Part 1'

  1. Tracie H Said,'> 2:28 PM

    Wonderful photos - which arent tiny at all??- so glad you both had a wonderful time.


  2. Zarah Said,'> 3:20 PM

    Beautiful photos! I am so GLAD you loved Pantheon as much as I did! The tombs gave me goosebumps (still do, just thinking about it) and your photos realy capture the place so well. Sounds like you had a FAB day! :D


  3. karen Said,'> 6:05 PM

    Was your dad a photographer?I noticed the old pics work well with the rule of thirds!!!!


  4. Becky Said,'> 9:04 PM

    Love the photos of you as a child - I had a purse like that too! Looks like you were having a wonderful time - you both look so happy :)

    Anna - I have awarded you the cherry on the top blog award. Please see my blog for details.



  5. Rachel Said,'> 10:05 PM

    I REALLY enjoyed reading all that girl! :) As much as i love being in Canada, I would love to be able to hop a train and visit a different one that is so rich in history and culture! Thanks for sharing your adventure and I look forward to Part 2! LOL

    Rachel :)


  6.'> 8:58 AM

    I've stumbled across your blog today and delighted to read your experience of Paris as I'm going there tomorrow! Just for a weekend with my youngest son, I will certainly look out for all the sights - can't wait! :-)


  7. leah Said,'> 7:01 PM

    WOW. Thanks for sharing Paris in pics! LOVE the padlock idea... and um, why can't our McDonald's be like THAT? lol


  8. Traceyr Said,'> 11:05 PM

    How lovely enjoy your Paris adventure. x