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CHA releases

blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/31/2006 11:31:00 PM
Oh so many scrummy things coming out of CHA. I don't even know where to begin!.
I have ordered some Junkitz due at the end of August. Have an order waiting to go to Fancy Pants and Crate Papers, but I am supposed to be winding things down with BumbleBee Crafts to concentrate on the trade business and the Angel Kisses. It is all to tempting for lil olde me!
So what does a girl do?

Well this week is manic and very busy as we are off on our hols Friday afternoon. Firstly stopping off in Portsmouth for a wedding on Saturday and then continuing along the coast to St Ives for 10 glorious days of sun, sand and summer frolics with the girls. But before all that, I have a couple of deadlines to post, Izzy to chaperone to her dance workshop everyday this week, speech therapy summer school on Tuesday and Thursday, packing, banking, post office, dry cleaners, visit my dad a couple of times and pop over to see Ann(I)e and do a spot of retail therapy shopping in the form of scrap shopping and coffee.
Peter is on a course in London and will be back tomorrow evening, the girls have really missed him, they are so used to him being at home.

Photo today of Mr Cricket and Mrs Moth. We were lucky to have him visit last year and he is back again. Izzy is beside herself with joy, bless her! Haven't the heart to tell her its most likely to be a different cricket;) Mrs Moth was on the window inside the house and she looked so pretty I had to get the camera out and snap her!
Night night
Anna x

7 Response to 'CHA releases'

  1. Suzanne Said,'> 12:35 AM

    Good Grief Anna, sounds like you NEED that holiday - I hope you manage to get through this week okay first :)


  2.'> 7:28 AM

    Yay Anna I could leave a message. I know what you mean about the CHA release the stuff is absolutely yummy. I am very lucky that I am on a DT for a wholesaler in Aussie, so I will be lucky to have a crack at some of the unreal designs. Love the little tiny bug, so cute, if you can believe that, great scrapping material. Good luck with everything Anna.

    best Wishes Carole.


  3. suebaru Said,'> 8:03 AM

    You have to get the Crate papers in hun!
    Have a fab holifday, will chat before you go! xx


  4. kaz Said,'> 9:40 AM

    busy busy busy oh hunny roll on your hols and dont forget it is also your wedding anniversary so your must have a drink or two for that aswell, luvs ya


  5. Ali Said,'> 4:38 PM

    Arrhhh Mr Cricket!!

    Try not to over do it this week and enjoy next week!!!


  6. Chrissie Said,'> 9:35 PM

    Eeeuuuuwwww! I could no more hold a cricket on my finger than chew silver foil. It might JUMP at you woman!!!! And as for the moth...don't EVEN go THERE!!!

    Things that jump and flap...No. No. NO! NO!!! NO!!!!!!


  7. Jen Said,'> 11:27 AM

    Only just catching up on everything you've been through - HUGS! Loving your angel kisses; I'm going to be ordering me some when my new paypacket comes in! Happy holidays.