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blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/07/2006 10:09:00 AM
Lilly's new word is coot, known to you and me as "cute". It sounds so sweet coming from her little voice.
Still busy with deadlines so have no artwork, if you can call it that, LOL, to share but I do have this sweet photo of Lilly after a few hours with Margaret and Nanette, looking very "coot" with her funky hair do. Izzy wanted to get in on the act so decided to do some model posing.

Had open day at Izzy's school yesterday, and I am so proud of her. Izzy's artwork is amazing and I can't wait to get her work sent home so I can share with you all. Also met the infamous Mrs Bliss who Izzy keeps talking about. She is lovely and will be a good teacher for Izzy

Ok back to the drawing board so to speak for me, have a lovely day.
don't forget to send me links to your layouts using Angel Kisses, deadline is this weekend.Every colour of Angel Kiss is up for grabs!!!
Anna x

8 Response to 'Coot!!!!'

  1. kaz Said,'> 12:16 PM

    well all i can say is WOW, GORGEOUS, LOVELY and ofcourse COOT ilove those girls and miss them dearly luvs ya


  2. bookit Said,'> 3:09 PM

    what a 'coot' hair do!!!!!


  3. Frederique Said,'> 3:44 PM

    So came to check your blog! Love it! I did not know the UK was so busy scrapbooking..But well when i lived there for a good 6 years I wansn't into photog or even SB!!!


  4. Kirsty Said,'> 5:48 PM

    i just adore lills hair. she is such a dolly xx


  5. suebaru Said,'> 6:36 PM

    Oh she does look very 'coot' !


  6. Kelly Said,'> 7:10 PM

    you've been tagged copy and paste questions from my blog if you wanna play !!!


  7. Roz Roz Said,'> 9:39 PM

    oh coot hair do.


  8. greyparrot Said,'> 9:54 PM

    cute indeedy! Her hair is getting longer now too bless her!
    Izzy gets prettier every time I see her too- I wanna steal her booootiful big eyes!