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Thank you....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/20/2006 12:02:00 PM
To each and everyone of you who emailed, pmed, left a comment or rang me. I have been overwhelmed by my real friends and cyber friends concern and generosity with your words. Thank you all so much
It is a funny old world isn't it. I have been up to the hospital several times in the last 48 hours and have bumped into a customer, a friend and a teacher all visiting close ones who are extremely poorly. It really does put life intop some perspective
My Dad is thankfully been returned to the nursing home, although not without a formal complaint being made by myself due to the negligence I feel has been made.
In weather like this my Dad arrived on a ward , 3 hours later and still no water (he was dehydrated!) and was left in his own mess, is the most polite why I can write this. My poor dad is a man with some dignity and is double incontinent of which they know, as I told them on numerous occasions. So he did have water, a fan and clean clothes and sheets by the time I left, poor thing
apologies now to all my editors, I have been so pre occupied I haven't worked for a couple of days, I will be back on form and getting stuff to you.
Photos today are of Izzy and her teacher, who I think the world off. Her husband is riddled with cancer and she always has a cheery smile on for the children. Izzy and I will be making a teachers present tonight in the form of a mini book where a copy of this photo will be placed.
Good deliveries today, I received these 2 CD's from Tescos Jersey.
Thanks again to you all, I am very lucky to have so many people I can call friends
Anna xx

9 Response to 'Thank you....'

  1. chanel Said,'> 12:27 PM

    hi anna,
    so sorry to hear about your dad ... hope you are feeling a bit better now. Hope your back is improving too! luv Chanel


  2. kaz Said,'> 1:07 PM

    luvs ya


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 1:48 PM

    How awful for your Dad being treated like that no water etc its a disgrace, must be so upsetting.



  4. Ann(i)e Said,'> 2:34 PM

    So very happy to hear your dad is feeling better!! You've been on my mind!
    Pleased to report, my scrapping room is nearly DONE, unpacked and looking lovely (I did say don't go getting your camera ready...hehe.)


  5. ~*Gems*~ Said,'> 4:38 PM

    Hi Anna, I'm glad your Dad is feeling a little better.
    Can't wait to see the mini book you make Izzy's teacher. Be sure to upload some piccies of it :o)
    Love ~*Gems*~ x*x*x


  6. Beth Said,'> 5:24 PM

    Your welcome Anna, just stay positive and have faith, it does wonders. Healing thoughts for your Dad too. XX


  7. Roz Roz Said,'> 6:28 PM

    Anna, so pleased your Dad is out of hospital, can't believe they treated him like that, but good for you standing up and telling them how it is. take care of yourself. xxxx mwahahahaha


  8. Cath Said,'> 11:23 AM

    Oh Anna, I'm sorry I missed your post about your dad. I'm glad hes back at the nursing home now.xxxx


  9. Christi Snow Said,'> 12:01 PM

    Anna, I am so glad to hear that your dad is feeling a bit better, although SHAME ON THEM for not taking better care of him! Loving your new blog header. Hoping your mojo returns very, very soon!!! Smiles!