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Feeling Blue...

blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/18/2006 04:17:00 PM
Do you ever have those days when you feel like the world is against you?
The last few days has definitely been mine. I feel like every thing I have put my heart and soul in is being picked on by someone bigger and leaving me in the shadows. A good heart to heart with a best friend and a colleague who is much more a friend , helped my put some of my business worries into perspective, and hopefully with a little planning, my ideas, I should hopefully get back on track.
Last night I had a phone call I have been dreading. My Dad's nursing home ran at 8.30 pm asking me to come in straight away. My poor Dad looked helpless and very poorly. He was taken into hospital last night with me right by his side, and I got home at 2am. This morning I visited Dad and he is off the oxygen and looking better if not still week and frail. My darling Lilly came with me and brighten my Dads day. I am off again as soon as Peter gets back from work.
I have lost all my creativity and mojo at the moment, and need my friends around me. It is times like this that I miss Newcastle.
But I must put on a brave face and a stiff upper lip like us English feel we should and soldier on, LOL
How are you coping with this heat? It hit 38c here!!
Check out the new page kits on the site as well at £6.99!!
A BIG thank you to Anam for my new blog header, I love it!!!!!
Keep cool
Anna x

23 Response to 'Feeling Blue...'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 4:37 PM

    Don't let the big ones grind you down. hope your Dad is feeling better.

    Look after yourself. Frm lydia


  2. Kelly Said,'> 5:58 PM

    sending you lots of hugs and hoping your dads feeling better xxxx


  3. suebaru Said,'> 5:59 PM

    Huge hugs hun,oh to live nearer. Hope your dad is getting stronger.
    Oh, and I am melting...

    Sue xx


  4. Roz Roz Said,'> 6:14 PM

    Anna, leave the worries and take care of yourself and your dad, the worries will still be there when your ready to deal with them (sorry does not sound right, but I hope you know what I mean), I'm sending you big hugs and loves.


  5. Kirsty Said,'> 7:07 PM

    I know how you feel Anna, big time xx

    well wishes for your papa xx


  6. kaz Said,'> 7:26 PM

    oh hunny, i am glad your dad is feeling better, glad our conversation made you feel abit better, you know i wish you were still here but loads of hugs and kisses to you, luvs ya


  7. Beth Said,'> 7:36 PM

    Thinking of you Anna, chin up like you say, and your Dad will feel better just knowing he has you near. Take care. XX


  8. ~*Gems*~ Said,'> 8:09 PM

    Big *hugs*! I hate that feeling when everything just seems to get on top of you. Lots of well wishes going your Dad's way too.
    Love ~*Gems*~ x*x*x


  9. ~*Gems*~ Said,'> 8:10 PM

    Oh I forgot to say, I'm loving the new header - it looks great!
    ~*Gems*~ x*x*x


  10. Ann(i)e Said,'> 8:27 PM

    Sweetie I wish I could give you a HUGE hug and a kiss....My thoughts are really really with you baby!!!


  11. Anam Said,'> 8:45 PM

    **hugest hugs** hope your dad improves, (i miss newcastle too) hope your worries ease a little. sending you hugs and squishes. - cant beleive you actually use dmy header!! i am so chuffed - thank you


  12. Anonymous Said,'> 9:12 PM

    Big Hugs for you and your Dad, take it easy

    LOVE the new header


    Ali and Levi


  13. Paula Said,'> 9:56 PM

    Oh Anna, I hope your Dad is okayxx


  14.'> 11:46 PM

    Sorry to hear your Dad isn't well!!!
    Gig Hugs to you!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!!!
    Glad to hear you have a friend over there to support you!!!
    More Hugs!!


  15. Anonymous Said,'> 11:48 PM

    Love to your Dad. Take caare


  16. Mel Said,'> 12:05 AM

    Hi Anna,

    Sorry to hear your Dad is poorly, how lucky he is to have you to go with him to hospital and to bring Lilly to see him and cheer him up.

    As for having a rough few days yourself, we all have them sweetie, indulge yourself with a few treats then dust yourself down and get back up again - it's usually all you can do.

    Take care, thinking of you and your Dad.

    Mel x

    PS Love the blog header - Anam is one clever lady :)


  17. Chrissie Said,'> 12:14 AM

    Sorry Anna. It's very pooey when parents are poorly (been there, done that, etc.). I got through it by cuddling my family and thinking about 'poorly parent' and not much else. Sod work and all the rest of it. It can wait.

    Chrissie x


  18. Hebe Said,'> 12:18 AM

    Hope your dad gets better quickly and that you get back on track soon.


  19. Dawn Said,'> 12:22 AM

    Hope your Dad improves quickly,horrible to feel helpless.
    YOu have a lovely smile and lovely teeth,lovely photo of you.



  20. Cath Said,'> 10:19 AM

    Massive Hugs Anna.
    Hope your dad is feeling better!
    And i love the new header, amazing!


  21. Shell Said,'> 12:01 PM

    Sending hugs and warm thoughts to you and your Dad


  22. Galaxy Girl Said,'> 1:03 PM

    Huge huglettes darling, hope your dad remains on the mend, and you are feeling a bit happier.



  23. lee woodside Said,'> 3:17 AM

    Girl sorry to hear that things have not been going well for you.
    Big hugs and kisses... and hope that your Dad is doing ok.