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Family Affair

blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/23/2006 11:11:00 PM
July has been an amazing month for me and my family.
a little background so things become clearer. I don't speak to my mum or sister, and haven't for 3 years, not due completely to myself, but they have made no effort to see the girls, and this upsets both peter and I. My mum and I have had a very traumatic relationship from the start to be honest and my mum and dad divorced when we were young and we never say my dads side of the family. So back to the present day, no contact with my mum, my dad is now closer to me, and I have now met Steve my cousin, and today my Auntie Rita came to visit us and Dad with my cousin Jacqui who I last saw when I was about 9!!!! This has just been brilliant. Jacqui and I have so much in common and I am dead jealous as she came armed with a Canon EOS!!
It has been so lovely being a round family that I have never really had a relationship with and whom have so much love to give. A layout is sooo in the making of this photo of me and Jacqui. Infact I am going to ask her if I can use this picture of us for a project I have to do for a magazine.
Next weekend we have the family BBQ and 50 relatives of Peter arrive at ours in the afternoon on Saturday. Another bunch of relatives whom I will be meeting for the first time! Can you actually believe it. Its is truly fantastic. I don't think my Dad knows what has hit him this month!He was so overwhelmed at seeing his sister today. It has been nearly a year since they last saw each other. My Auntie is also registered disabled so does struggle getting aroud and my Uncle Don is a poorly man these days after a stroke a year or so ago.

I am also excited about the new angel kisses arriving this week. New sizes in the daisy and also more black!!!

Off to plan my layout now and catch up with you all tomorrow
big hugs
Anna xx

14 Response to 'Family Affair'

  1. suebaru Said,'> 11:28 PM

    Sounds like you've had a wondeful weekend - so pleased for you! And new AK's ...yum! xxx


  2. kaz Said,'> 11:33 PM

    how fantastic for you, everything is turning out good after things have been so bad. really pleased for you hun you deserve it luvs ya


  3. chanel Said,'> 5:24 AM

    that is so special. I'm sorry things have been so bad with your mum and sister - life sux sometimes!!!! gotta hold onto this good stuff tho - and am looking forward to seeing what you create! luv Chanel


  4. bookit Said,'> 7:57 AM

    wow...enjoy your 'new' family!


  5. Paula Said,'> 8:06 AM

    I know where you're coming from Anna, lots of problems in my family too! It's so lovely you got to meet up with relatives againxx


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 9:30 AM

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  7. Anonymous Said,'> 10:43 AM

    Big hugs Hun

    Take care

    Ali, Paul and Levi


  8. Cath Said,'> 10:47 AM

    Wow! what family gatherings you have :) Fantastic!

    That is a beautiful photo of you and your cousin, deffo a scrummy lo there.

    (((hugs))) families can be tough sometimes xxx


  9. greyparrot Said,'> 11:57 AM

    lots of hugs darlin, what a special weekend. Families are such hard work at times. Lots of love to you all -x-


  10. ~*Gems*~ Said,'> 1:17 PM

    Ah sounds like you had a great weekend :o)50 relatives attending a BBQ?! You must have a huuuuuge garden!
    Mmmm black flowers - yum!
    Take care hun
    ~*Gems*~ x*x*x


  11. Anam Said,'> 4:08 PM

    fantastic news - having been through say re: mother and meeting my dads family - i totally get the missing conenction bits. cool photos - you look so happy.


  12. Roz Roz Said,'> 10:16 PM

    Anna, glad things are going well, you deserve a turn around after recent events with your dad and everything. the pic of you and your cousin is brilliant, what a huge grin you have. xxx


  13. Kirsty Said,'> 12:55 AM

    wow - we have both had happy family weekends xx

    speak soon xx


  14. Cath Said,'> 6:02 PM

    So happy you got to be up with family sweetie!