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Feeling Sassy?

blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/12/2006 09:20:00 PM
I am, since my delivery of Sassafras Lass papers arrived today and stamps, with some Chloes Closet, and my Cherry Artes is due any day, so its all go on the shop front.
I love Sassafras Lass papers they are so pretty. Can't wait to start a layout with them.
But it will have to wait a little longer as I still have a couple of deadlines to complete. 1 went out today and another to be finished by Friday!
Had a play with a photo of Izzy being my model in CS2 this evening. Cant make up my mind whether I should be tampering with photo's or leaving them as is. Peter says the original is better, but I kinda like the altered one. What do you think? Which one should I scrap?
Answers on a blog comment please :)

OOO I had my gym induction today and it was fab! Loved it! And am off again on Friday, cant wait! Feel all righteous, LOL

hugs blogettes
Anna x


14 Response to 'Feeling Sassy?'

  1. Anam Said,'> 10:09 PM

    nice piccies :) men always seem to go for the unaltered ones - ian is the same


  2. Roz Roz Said,'> 12:05 AM

    Oh Anna I'm loving those new papers, feel a spending spree coming on.... must hold back, must save money........

    I prefer the altered pic, its quirky and would look good on something really funky, the original is nice, but different.
    Hope your not to sore tomorrow after all that exercise, you must be a glutten for punishment


  3. suebaru Said,'> 12:42 AM

    I like the altered one. Loving those plaits too ;) xx


  4. lee woodside Said,'> 1:11 AM

    Love the 2nd one! The colours are divine.


  5. Paula (Pod) Said,'> 7:30 AM

    Read that quickly and thought it said you'd had your 'gum induction', lol. Well done you for joining the gym, hope it all goes well. I like both the pics, that's helpful isn't it!


  6. kaz Said,'> 9:07 AM

    sorry hun but i agree with peter i love the top one, you get to see more of that lovely girl. well done on the gym front, you know me i say but never do so congrats for doing luvs ya


  7. bookit Said,'> 9:38 AM

    ok...i have studied the photos CAREFULLY!!!! although i love the colours in the altered one, the skin tones make her nose disappear...kwim? so i would use the unaltered one, or make some layers and combine the two so you get the colours of the second one with the detail of the first!!!
    i love sassafrass lass papers too,i have them all but haven't used them yet!
    happy scrapping!!!


  8. Beth Said,'> 1:37 PM

    Oooh, I already have some of the Sassafrass papers, didn't realise, still I need more, more!

    As for the pics, they are both equally nice, but I have to say the original is the better one, as her colouro of Izzy's cheeks look so natural. I wouldn't alter or layer at all either, I would say, why mess with it? You've captured Izzy's face and portrait perfectly Anna lovely. Not much help there, I guess! XX


  9. Kath Said,'> 2:19 PM

    I feel the same as bookit - I love close-ups but the colour does make her nose disappear a bit - the original shot is just beautiful.


  10.'> 3:01 PM

    I like both pics and the original would look great with muted tones, the altered one is punchier and would look fab with some stronger colours.
    I was also thinking you've probably scrapped loads of unaltered photos of her why not experiment a bit?

    BTW you must tell me how to alter photos like that!


  11. Shell Said,'> 4:19 PM

    I kinda see where Peter is coming from I do have a drawing to unaltered, but I love the colours in the second one. I really wanna have a play with some of mine!


  12. Trish Reed Said,'> 8:42 AM

    I like the untouched one too, it looks softer and dreamier, but if you were going for dramatic then the other one is good.
    Love seeing photos of your Dad and how fantastic to meet a cousin for the first time.


  13. Christi Snow Said,'> 12:28 PM

    going against the majority on this one...I love the effect on the altered one! Smiles!


  14.'> 9:47 PM

    I love both pics, but the altered one just a teeny totty bit more - so vibrant x