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Golf Memorial

blogged by me domestic goddess On 7/30/2006 10:21:00 PM

Its all over for another year!!! What a weekend it has been.
12 of the Bowkis men and relatives tee'd off at 10am on Saturday and returned to a house of children, friends and family at 4pm. In that time, I chopped, diced, marinated and decorated 2 cheese cakes, filled numerous sandwiches with the help of nana and Linda.
The bouncy castle arrived at 8.15am and unfortunately could not be picked up until the next morning, as if we minded !!!!!! The bouncy castle must have been the best thing we did for the party, I reckon everyone must had had a turn on it at some point on the day.
The face painting was a hit with all the girls and at night the agrden was lit up by lanterns ,fairy lights and neon glow bracelets.
My dad, although looking tired and not his best, had a lovely afternoon with us, despite the taxi being an hour late due to road closure on the A1. I don't think I have seen my dad eat so much since he was here for Christmas lunch.
And once again this month, I met another bunch of relatives for the first time. I am so lucky. It had slipped Peters mind that his cousin Dinah is a professional sports photographer!!!! Err excuse me, how could you forget that. I had lots of great conversation on cameras, composition and CS2. Looks like I have to have a DSLR, and I now cant make my mind up between the Canon EOS or a Nikon D70, oh decisions decisions. I think they will have to wait until I have complete a photography course and I have saved some pennies!
the funniest moment of the day, was starting the BBQ at 6pm, wind change and the farmer finishing his harvesting off. Yes that means being blown to smothers and looking like a scarecrow, a house covered in sawdust as well as all the food!!! Thank goodness Peters family would let nothing spoil their day, and being such a fun loving and down to earth family, what is a bit of wind and straw between friends?!

Today was the monthly crop. Had an absolutely wonderful day, complete with Coffee walnut cake, thanks Kerry, a dash of baby Emily, some exclusive stamp designs courtesy of Stamps Away and gorgeous new chipboad designs by Above Board, lots of coffee and scrapping and fab company. Thank you to everyone who came, I had a lovely day, and actually scrapped. Although I cannot post as it is a project for a magazine.

Busy week ahead as we depart on Friday for a wedding in Portsmouth and then off to Cornwall on Sunday to stay at Linda and John's cottage in St Ives. I still have deadlines to complete, packing, a house to clean after the sawdust storm, LOL, and Izzy to taxi here there and everywhere, she starts a week long dance and drama workshop this week and has speech therapy summer school, busy busy.
Until tomorrow friends
big hugs
Anna x

8 Response to 'Golf Memorial'

  1.'> 12:57 AM

    sounds like you had just the best weekend.

    Id personally plum for a canon EOS 350D, I think thats the one you are on about (even though I prefer Nikons). They are marginally the best on the market. but at the end of the day, go for whats cheapest in the DSLR range and watch out for the new Sony - its a hit! And that's sony!!?? Who would have thought it?


  2. kaz Said,'> 9:51 AM

    the weekend sounds fab so sorry we missed it, i bet the girls had a wail of a time. WHERES MY CHEESECAKE ok dont tell me peter eat it as usual luvs ya


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 10:23 AM

    Sounds absolutely lovely my dear!! WEll done!!
    See you Thursday!!


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 3:37 PM

    Lovely photos Anna, looks like you all had a great timexx


  5. Shirley Said,'> 7:44 PM

    Sounds like a fantastic day! well done you!


  6. Shirley Said,'> 7:44 PM

    Not sure If I like the sound of marinated cheesecakes though lol!


  7. Mel Said,'> 11:25 PM

    Hi Anna, Go play with the cameras in Jessops - I was so torn between the Canon EOS 350D and the Nikon D70s - changed my mind like a hundred times and made my mind up to get the Canon... walked into Jessops to touch and feel the cameras and walked out with the Nikon. I **ADORE** it! They feel VERY different to each other though so see what you feel like with them. Keep us updated on the blog about which you get :) Mel x


  8. Anonymous Said,'> 1:01 PM

    LOL well we've just bought the Canon EOS 350D and it is FAB!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, hun :) xx