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"A" is for Anna, Anam, Annie and Addie

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/03/2007 11:08:00 PM
Its been a day for baby lurve. I have drooled, cuddled, aah, oo ed all in an hour over at Annies today seeing Addie with Anam and her family.

It has been a wonderful day and so good to meet Anam, Ian and Fay for the first time. And yes we talked to well gone 1.30am last night and still talked for a good few hours before we left for Bury this morning. Fay is as adorable and cute as we all imagine, she is a little peach and so tiny compared to my two! The girls hit it off when they all met this morning, and played in Lilly's room while Anam and I chatted, and Ian and Peter talked gaming, as suspected.
Then it was all over to Bury to meet Addie and she is so beautiful, so tiny and just wow. I had to have a hold and a cuddle, and my heart melted.

yes this is my arm *gloat*

Between Anam and I we took loads of photos, unfortunately due to poor lighting conditions, I had to cram up the ISO on the camera to 800 which has caused quite a bit of noise, I am gutted but here are a couple of shots from today, enjoy!

I have had a few emails on my settings from yesterdays photos so here you go...
Nikon D80 - body
Lens - 18mm -135mm
ISO 100, 1/100, F/4.5 (RAW and altered in CS2)


Anna x

8 Response to '"A" is for Anna, Anam, Annie and Addie'

  1.'> 12:07 AM

    Oh how beautiful



  2. bookit Said,'> 8:29 AM

    glad you girls had fun together!!!!


  3.'> 11:43 AM

    AWWWW!!! I wanna cuddle!! COuldn't you steal her and share her around a bit??


  4. suebaru Said,'> 12:30 PM

    Oh yum, gorgeous baby pics! See you tomorrow! xx


  5. Laura Said,'> 3:26 PM

    She is absolutely adorable! Glad you guys had a great time!

    I think i'm definatley going to have to work on my camera skills a bit more *blush* hehe


  6. Cath Said,'> 6:35 PM

    Glad you guys got to hook up! What a gorgeous baby!


  7. chanel Said,'> 11:57 PM

    that is so cool ... gorgeous lil one. And to meet a new friend ... awesome!


  8. Trish Reed Said,'> 5:37 AM

    OMG you lucky girls!!!! Green with envy here, I wish I could have met you all.