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Lilly the Post Man, Lilly the hairdresser....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/23/2007 11:45:00 PM
OMG only 2 days left before i fly to LA, and tomorrow i say goodbye to the girls for 9 days, this i really am not looking forward to. I will be taking the girls to Nanas Thursday night and see them the following Saturday afternoon.

I have a check list as long as my arm, 1 very poorly Lilly and 1 teenager for a 6 year old!! So where does this leave me?

- broken hearted to leave my poorly Lilly
- wondering what do you bring back a 6 year old going on 16 from a trip to LA when all you have done is visit scrap shops for 7 days!
- and Peter, well he will be happy just to see me, and have me back moaning and nagging that the house isn't quite up to standards, and the girls need a bath!!! hehehe, honest i am not that bad......or am I?
May I just add that i only go away for the night and i come back laden with gifts, so how many gifts does 8 nights away warrant?! will I be enough?

Today i had Lilly at home with an awfully high temperature and a barking cough, poor girl. She is worse this evening and will be going nowhere tomorrow but pinned to my side.
But, bless her, she did manage to do her posting, just like mummy.

  1. Take 1 pizza box,

  2. ask mummy to make it up for you

  3. find some toys and bits to put in pizza box

  4. take sellotape and wrap pizza box, while not closing down the sides (bless)

  5. label parcel with senders details (lillllllly)

  6. pack into boot of mummy's car

  7. arrive at post office, take out of mummy's car

  8. skip into One Stop and head up the aisle to post office counter and pop on scales
at this point Lilly is as happy as Larry and handed a slip with a post office stamp on to pop on her parcel!!! I love my post office.

Picture this scene

Mummy at her computer, 1 bored 3 year old, 1 AMM tote laden with goodies. Lilly climbs onto my chair while i am sat at my computer, plays with my hair (after we spoke about what she wants to be when she grows up, a hairdresser, can you see where this is going......)
Me : Lilly what are you doing, have you got scissors in your hand?
Lilly : *silence* scurries off chair and under my desk with hand clasp tightly shut!
Me : OMG Lilly what have you done, have you cut my hair *frantically grabs hair to feel for any noticeable loss*
Lilly : only a little bit, not a big bit
Me: *thinks to myself , OMG i am off to LA and i have a big chunk of hair missing*
thankfully this story does not end in tears and i have no noticeable loss or chunk missing from the back of my head. Lilly on the other hand is sporting a rather dashing new fringe!!
so what did you to today!

Anna xx


6 Response to 'Lilly the Post Man, Lilly the hairdresser....'

  1.'> 9:23 AM

    That child is as cute as a button she really is.. .and so full of mishief just like her mumma!!... Sure the girls and Peter will miss you but think of those wonderful hugs and kisses on your return!!! Have a ball hun... So wish I was a little tiny one and I could have squeezed into your case. Take care
    Huge Hugs


  2. Beth Said,'> 9:48 AM

    Aww, bless her little heart. Hope Lilly is better soon. I know they will miss you, but you've gotta go, they will be in safe hands at their Nanna's, (you know all this anyway), so don't worry, though I know I would, and understand how you feel. Have a super duper time, and take care there. Beth XX


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 11:15 AM

    Lol the hairdresser story just had to be giggled at. I'm so glad it was only a little bit though and you aren't missing a chunk of hair! :o)

    You'll have a fab time in LA and of course the kiddies will miss you, and you them, but like Beth said they will be fine :o)



  4. suebaru Said,'> 1:53 PM

    You will be fine hun and I'm sure you will find Izzy the perfect gift!Hope Lilly perks up soon !


  5. scrapdolly Said,'> 8:50 PM

    Anna your post made me smile - and what a noce post office you have

    Have a safe trip and buy loads of scrummy things


  6. Tracie H Said,'> 10:33 PM

    Awwww bless her cotton socks.
    Have a fab time away.