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Photo Booths

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/10/2007 11:22:00 PM
You could say i have visited my fair share this past few days. Nothing fancy just trying to get my passport photo done.
Firstly visited Wellyn Garden City, to see Sue mainly but decided to go and get my photos done. This is no longer the experience i remember as a teenager got a strip of 4 difereent photos for around £1.50, Oh no, you now get 4 photos of 1 pose, yep, who needs 1 pose 4 x times! and it costs £3.50, extortionate!!

Ok so here goes photo number 1.

I smiled; smiling and bearing ones teeth is not allowed. Difficult for me as I am a full , bearing all smiler. Thats the first £3.50 down the drain
Total - £3.50
Photo number 2.

Kinda creepy looking, convict style look going on with full greasy locks! with a lovely yellow tinge to finish the look off . Now i am fed up. Off to the post office counter to see if I can pass go and collect.
Yes this has passed.
Total £7.00

Back to today...... Peterborough passport office..... photo check.

Man behind counter - sorry Mrs Bowkis these photos are not acceptable
Me - sorry i must have given you the wrong one, *checks and sees i have given the creepy photos over the counter*
Me - No these are the right ones, I had them checked at the post office
Man behind counter - I cant accept these you are too close to the camera
Me - (too ^%&*? close) I can only sit in the seat provided, how can i be too close?
Man behind counter - Sorry you will have to go and get these re done. We have photo booths here you can use
Me- Ok many thanks

Off I grumbled to get change and get my photos done again!

Photo number 3

wohoo, looking quite glam, nice skin tone, hair looking like "i am worth it", so am I really worth it.
Back to man at counter and he says "YES"

Total spend £10.50

and that my dear readers is my day in a nutshell
anna x

15 Response to 'Photo Booths'

  1. Laura Said,'> 12:30 AM

    lmao- i can see you've had a busy day- all that posing eh!! Still you can see by the 3rd lot you've lost all hint of a smile- haha!!

    £10.50 well spent Anna to get a decent passport pic done, no one's is good!!!! You must have got lucky!


  2. Shirley Said,'> 12:38 AM

    Errr you should have asked me hun!
    But they're fabby photos the last set! We recommend that all passport photos be taken in a photo shop not a booth.
    Exciting times eh?


  3. Lala Said,'> 1:20 AM

    Oh my what drama huh? Well at least they are done!



  4.'> 4:34 AM

    LOL! My fave passport quote:
    If you really look like your passport photo you're not well enough to travel!


  5.'> 7:32 AM

    Anna dear.. so not you in those pix... you will not be allowed into America with those pix... when you land and enter customs I am positive you will have the hugest smile on your face and the american customs officer will not recognise you from those pix.. lol..

    sorry waffling as usual.
    Hope you & the family and safe & warm on this nasty wet and windy day.

    Huge hugs


  6. Beth Said,'> 7:40 AM

    My gosh, I wasn't sure whether to say my comment, but after reading Heather's I feel I can now, lol. I thought the last set were so much better, but none of them look like the real you, (I know they are), BYKWIM. I know there mustn't be any big grins etc. You'll be beaming at the airport, and they'll be wondering who this lovely person is, cos she doesn't match her photos, lol. You look so much better on yours, than I do on mine. Well done for doing all of that. Beth XX


  7. suebaru Said,'> 8:15 AM

    Oooh looking rather good in the bottom set hun! I'm so sorry the PO in WGC was not up to standard!
    (Oh and sometimes...she does look like the first set ....;) ;)....)That's me out of favour for the next year....!!


  8. jake Said,'> 8:34 AM

    Lol.... well the last set is better by a mile - so worth all the stress :-)

    Have a great trip!

    jk x


  9. bookit Said,'> 8:59 AM

    it was so worth the have to keep it for the next 10years and you want to look that glam!!!


  10. KimmyS Said,'> 9:48 AM

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Only I had to spend around £20 before they accepted my pictures. In the end I said to them that if they don't accept my last batch I would kindly ask them to provide me with a photograopher who is able to fulfill all those stupid requirements.

    BTW I love the last two shots


  11. lee woodside Said,'> 11:21 AM

    LOL dont you just love passport photos!


  12. scrapperjen Said,'> 2:41 PM

    LOL!!!! It's like a drivers license photo. I like the top ones the best - your sparkling personality shows! ;)


  13. Miranda Said,'> 5:19 PM

    At least the last ones are oké! You look good on that picture.
    So... your a step closer to flying to CHA!!


  14. Anonymous Said,'> 6:49 PM

    Hehe that made me giggle. But to be honest, you don't seem any further away from the camera in the last set than you do in the 2nd set!


  15. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 9:47 PM

    i love the last set!! they are stunning :)

    means though though you have no excuse not to coem and visit me :)

    have i mentioned i am so jealous of your trip...