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The one's left behind :(

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/28/2007 08:15:00 PM
Well yes, she has gone to sunny LA, this is the poor Hubby slaving over a hot stove tending to two needy children all on my lonesome......................................YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!
No, no that's un called for.

The main reason for Anna letting me post is to update her on how we are managing without her. Well I would like to say I finding it difficult looking after the girls and keeping the house nice and stuff, but really its not that bad.

I am sure you'll all be glad to hear that Lilly is getting better. Put it this way, she hasn't spoken for two days and the first thing she says is "NO!!!" she really is her mother's daugter?!

Back to events. Saturday was a disaster, Izzy decided to recreate an epicode of the popular childrens TV show " clutter nutters". The show invites a child to have their room made over and removing all the clutter from a kids room. This is done by firstly asking the child what he or she wants to keep or throw away, ( are you starting to get the picture) Anyway Lilly is the child and Izzy the presenter. Izzy takes an item of clothing, toy whatever and asks Lilly if she wants to keep it or not. Lilly answers no! and how presto the item is thrown into the landing. 2500 Items later we have one empty bedroom and a bombsite of a landing. At this point Izzy decides she's had enough of this game and wants to do something else. At this point I tern into the Nutter part of the show and throw a complete wobbly.
2 hours later the bedroom is back in some sort of order.

Sunday however has been amazing. Izzy has been an absolute angel, and more than made up for the clutter nutters of Saturday. In the morning I made a list of tasks we needed to achieve. tidy up living room, bedrooms, ironing that sort of thing. The girls were tasked with tidying up the playroom, to which Lilly's "no echoed again". Izzy and myself finished it off. Then due to the room being tidy I received a pretend phone call from Izzy on a spare fax machine (that she is calling her office) The young girl on the phone calls herself Lara and she's looking for a job? Well with several items remaining on the earlier list I gave this to her, explained what was left to do, and within 45 mins all of the upstairs was clean and tidy, beds made the whole 9 yards. I was impressed to say the least and gave her some wages. Slave labour I love it!!

In the evening I asked if the girls wanted to send a picture to mummy. They were drawn on the computer.

Izzy's master piece is entitled star night.

Right my first problem with this blogging thing? I have just tried to upload the image star night but with no success. Lilly's creation was aptly called "mummy flying off" a much more abstract affair, with great use of the dark palette. Maybe on Anna's return she could sort the thing out, or I could sell them on ebay.Ah well, Anna if your out there, you'll have to wait until you are home.

Talking of home, Lilly is missing her mummy, and is quite grumpy, well going beween grumpy and hyper maniac devil child. Ain't she just a darling. Izzy on the other hand is very grown up about it and says it's ok because she keeps mummy in her heart. (wow)

Well thats enough from me, you have probably fallen asleep by now " WAKE UP ITS NEARLY OVER!!!"

well to my wife I Hope your having a Fab time ( just a little Annarism there)

Take care everyone. If you see my wife at CHA give her my love.


19 Response to 'The one's left behind :('

  1. Ali Said,'> 9:06 PM

    Glad you are coping well Peter, although don't get too good at domestic bliss or Anna will be off more!!

    Love to the girls, hope Anna is having an amzing time

    Take it easy


    Ali and Levi xx


  2. Ann(i)e Said,'> 9:30 PM

    Awe are a star!!


  3. suebaru Said,'> 9:37 PM

    I think Anna has some serious competition in the blogging stakes!!
    I have been crying with laughter at the 'Clutter Nutter' episode!


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 9:41 PM

    Haha at the clutter nutters! :o) Bless them.

    Hope you are having a fab time Anna - you lucky thing!


  5. karen Said,'> 10:09 PM

    I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU, my goodness a tidy house ( must send anna away more often) love to you all and well done xxxxxx


  6.'> 10:59 PM

    hi babes
    OMG you lot are crazy, izzy was this really what saturday morningw as all about!
    miss you all terribly
    re the piccie thing, have you resized it and is it a JPEG?
    hey you can always get sue to help, i wanna see my piccies, btw everything here is "cute" , "darn cute"


  7. Net Said,'> 11:10 PM

    Can I book the slaves for Tuesday morning please? My lounge needs a good clean...

    Net -x-


  8. Lala Said,'> 12:03 AM

    How great to hear how you are doing with the girls and your wife far across the pond! Keep up the good work!



  9. Chrissie Said,'> 12:28 AM

    Hilarious!!! Loving your post! A man's view on looking after the kids is too funny! Keep 'em coming!


  10. Shirley Said,'> 12:40 AM

    I thought we only had children to slave for us?
    You're a fast learner! And a cool blogger!
    Glad Miss Lilly is feeling better!


  11. lee woodside Said,'> 7:38 AM

    ROFLMAO!!!!! This is just hilarious.


  12. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 5:38 PM

    thanks peter - you are class!!


  13. scrapdolly Said,'> 6:33 PM

    I have so enjoyed reading this
    She's a lucky girl.


  14. Sue Said,'> 7:15 PM

    LOL ..My daughter LOVES clutter nutters too ..I got her to do her room last weekend ..i can see the floor!!!
    Must let my Hubby read this ..maybe I could go next year LOL


  15. Anonymous Said,'> 9:26 PM

    sounds like your taking it in your stride - keep up the good work and love the blog update, great to hear what the girls are upto.
    Gillian xx


  16. Holly Lane Said,'> 1:02 AM

    love reading the blog from the hubbys side--- my DH wouldn't even know how to get to my blog!! :)

    Hope Anna is having fun!


  17. Shirley Said,'> 6:09 PM

    dare ya to do a LO and upload it too!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Jay (UKS) Said,'> 10:47 PM

    Enjoyed this very much. Bet it pulled your wife's heart strings and you probably never meant it to! Keep up he good work.


  19. Roz Roz Said,'> 1:12 AM

    Wow Peter, your brilliant at this, your post had me laugh so hard. Anna, hope your enjoying yourself whilst your poor hubby is home taking care of things. Enjoy yourself hunny bun.