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News from LA LA land

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/31/2007 03:15:00 PM
Well it's been a few days people, Anna has been on the phone and told me to "make a post on the blog". It felt quite like an order! so here goes, but first Blighty.
At home the girls have finally calmed done, no more mention of clutter nutters, Im glad to say.
Lilly is back to here normal crazy self, her latest craze is imitating the walk of Charlie Chaplin. She's quite a fan of the black and white maestro. We watched "The Kid" yesterday and the amount of why's are going down.You know the deal. "Why's he doing that?", "Why's he doing this daddy?" etc.etc. Back to the walk. Lilly's method is to stoop slightly then walk with as much bum wiggle as possible, for best results she should wear sock and perform the walk on the wooden floor. This ends with her gathering hip momentum until she falls over.
Izzy has been a good girl, at rainbows she created a sculture of a Giraffe and a tree. The only problem was that the giraffes neck is soo long compared to it's body that it just falls over. Therefore the tree acts as a prop for the poor giraffe. When she got it home I promptly added some counter weight to help the poor animal stand, but now he weigh's a couple of KG's. (that's progress I think).
Anna's conversations on the phones have had to be short due to her busy schedule, what she has told me, is that she has been rubbing shoulders with the scrapping elite. Hang on. . . . The scrapping elite have been rubbing shoulders with Anna. (thats better.) I have little idea about the following list of names so bare with me. There's been Emily who I know, I chaffeured her to a Scrapping Angels event last year. Poor girl, having to put up with me for 6 Hours in a traffic jam. Then there's Tara, Heidi. Elsie and Tim? Now I know nothing about scrapping but Tim's a funny name for a lass.

Ofcourse I know Tim is a man, and it stands to reason that being the only Man that's doing scrapbooking he is the best! The ladies out there should be grateful that most men do not take an interest in scrapbooking. No hang on they do take an interest in scrapbooking, the layouts are always marvelous, that's something I've learnt from the stern looks I receive from Anna when I don't acknowledge in the positive. They do not choose to partake in the act of scrapbooking( pheww). Just like cooking, all the best cooks are men, it only stands to reason with scrapbooking. Now now calm down, calm down. Ofcourse I jest no man could capture the excitement, joy, frivolity of a layout like a lady, I just hope that doesn't sound too patronising.
Poor Anna hasn't been too well, She's been loosing her voice, and with my hearing, and a long distance phone call all I seem to say is "What?" down the phone at her. However she's had her first class the other day and it was a success, she's meeting lots of people and getting lots of sponsorship.
(That's something I don't get in scrapbooking? Sponsorship? Usually if you are sponsored then you receive cash and have to wear products with the sponsor logo's on or promote there firm. I'm pretty sure that none of Anna's clothes have any Scrappy type logos on seeing as I'm doing all the IRONING ( enter violin playing sad music for poor Husband. There should be a smily specially designed for it. now there's an idea!)) All sponsorship does mean is a parcel full of paper that you have to pay the duty on when it arrives., because it weighs more than a cow.

To finish Anna is relocating to Santa Monica after CHA finishes today, where she has tiniternet access. So look forward to a post from her shortly.

PS. please don't take offense to the sexist stuff.

Men and women are both great, but in different ways.

take care yall


10 Response to 'News from LA LA land'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 5:34 PM

    Being a non scrapper, you have added an interesting angle... thank you. i look forward to seeing the lilly walk it sounds cool and well done izzy for behaving. keep up the good work. Gillian xxxx


  2. karen Said,'> 5:46 PM

    i love you peter, what a refreshing change for you to actually express an opinion, only joking hun luvs ya xx big kisses for the girls xxxx


  3. Beth Said,'> 7:10 PM

    I think Peter, you will be taking over from Anna with this blogging lark, your very good at it you know, lol. Amusing, light entertainment, and comical, not that lovely Anna's posts aren't, but you know what I mean. Poor Anna losing her voice. Glad it's all going well for her. See you soon Anna. Beth XX


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 7:18 PM

    Glad that you are coping peter being a man and all thats a tall feat !!
    Jane (Brods)


  5. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 8:03 PM

    peter - that is class :) you should write more :) love reading it - have passed it on to ian :)

    ps you dont have enough FABBY's in there :)


  6. Sue Said,'> 8:33 PM

    LOl how could any one be offended?LOL ( especially since you are doing the ironing!!)
    Hope Anna is ok and not too worn out when she gets back


  7. Shirley Said,'> 9:52 PM

    Hey!!! Men LOVE ironing, that's what I tell Paul anyhow!
    I'm glad you're such a good scrapbooker now where's the LO???


  8.'> 10:17 PM

    Have to say I laughed out load at your comments! So not thinking of taking over Tim's role then?


  9. suebaru Said,'> 11:11 PM

    Peter, you definitely ned to get your self a blog once Anna's back!!And losing your voice should have been expected hun, it's a tradition when you're teaching ;)
    Oh...and Tara??I'm hyperventilating on your behalf!!


  10. Net Said,'> 11:42 PM

    I nearly pee'd my pants laughing! I reckon you owe us a guest spot every so often!

    Glad you're having fun Anna - and is it the Tim??

    Net -x-