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week 1, 2 and 3

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/23/2007 12:20:00 AM

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Finally I have managed to get Emilys 52 week deck of cards challenge done. I am not the most pleased with these to be honest, trying to get 3 cards done in a 30 minute gap may have alot to do with it! I like week 3's the best. Our prompt was " I am ..." I continued my sentence with "I am moving on" Journalling on the back talks about moving on from 2006 and into a new year full of hope.
They are done and i am pleased i managed to create. I am doing my next 2 weeks of pencil line sketches, and boy have we got a guest or 2 up our sleeve to knock the creative wind out of you. You will never guest what divas we have in store for you. I am so excited and will be logging in while i am away just to see your reactions!

I tell you we all work so hard getting sponsorship ( of which i am collecting some while in LA, how exciting is that!), emailing talented scrapbookers to join us as a guest, and the behind the scenes on the technical side of things, it makes it so much more worth it when my inbox is flooded with compliments from you, the readers, appreciating all the hard work that goes into the site. It really dies make me smile.

OK back to now. Once again i am up well past my bed time, the wrist is saying its time to rest up as its getting number by the seconed.

A couple of photos from our walk on Saturday. Nothing fancy just the girls goofing and Lilly with my red kagool on, isn't she just the cutest?!
Received the most gorgeous little trinkets today from Sue. I will leave you in suspense and take a photo for tomorrow. They are cute, they are so me, they are perfect!

How was today for you? Hope it was a good one.


Anna x

17 Response to 'week 1, 2 and 3'

  1. Jenny Said,'> 1:24 AM

    I think your cards are gorgeous! Wonderful job.


  2. happydays525 Said,'> 1:47 AM

    Wow...pretty awesome for 30 minutes! Love the sentiment expressed on the last one! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Lis Said,'> 2:21 AM

    30 minutes? wow very nice, they are great :)


  4. Ruth Said,'> 2:42 AM

    What gorgeous cards.Love the flowers.


  5.'> 4:37 AM

    30 minutes will kill ya! LOL They look nice. I like your Moving on one the best also...



  6. valerie Said,'> 6:51 AM

    love these you have used three of my favourite things flowers buttons and doodles


  7. suebaru Said,'> 8:09 AM

    So love those photos.Lilly is just adorable! Glad you liked the dinky things ;)!


  8. Jenny Said,'> 8:41 AM

    Wow you are working fast ;)
    Like all tree of them!


  9. jake Said,'> 8:58 AM

    Anna - your cards are gorgeous!

    {send them to me immediately please! :-) }

    jk xxx


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 12:57 PM

    Anna your cards are gorgeous, I've yet to start week 3 - fab photo's of the girls too x


  11. Annette Said,'> 1:56 PM

    They're gorgeous Anna. Need to start my 3rd one tonight :) xoxox


  12. Cath Said,'> 3:54 PM

    Stunning pictures!


  13. Ann(i)e Said,'> 5:08 PM

    your cards are lovely and the pictures of the girls great...LOVE the one of Lilly....makes me want to print and scrap it!!


  14. Toni-Ann Said,'> 7:57 PM

    wonderful cards :) has inspired me to get on with mine


  15. Tracie H Said,'> 11:33 PM

    Yummmy....they are adorable.....the piccies and your cards.


  16. Nat Said,'> 12:20 PM

    awesome cards - love them all!


  17. Di Said,'> 1:37 PM

    Fabulous cards, I just love the "What is powerful to you" with the transparent heart and stitching.....gorgeous