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The things kids say...

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/05/2007 12:01:00 AM
Ok this is truly embarrassing for me and peter, but here it goes.................

Lilly : Are you "nogging" or kissing you two?
Me: er sorry Lilly
Lilly : Are you "nogging" or kissing?
Peter : sniggers
Me: erm we were kissing, is that OK?
Lilly : yes, you can "nog" if you want

well as you can imaging, one very embarrassed mummy here, and yep "nogging" is what we know in the school playground as "snogging". I can assure you we do not sit smooching in front of the girls, it was a peck on the lips thats all, and in my defense we were alone, or so I thought!
Come on then, spill the beans and tell me your most embarrassing moment spoken by your lil ones
Good News

Cathy Zielske is blogging again, wohoo!!!!! and I am LOTD over at Scrap Galaxy again, I am so chuffed..... and you must check out Anam's new kit site, Snowflakes, I must have a kit it looks divine, lots of scrummy embellies to tickle the creative buds!


Anna xxx
PS: this is no recent "nogging" photo but one from about 10 years ago when "nogging" was allowed

5 Response to 'The things kids say...'

  1. lee woodside Said,'> 5:00 AM

    Hee hee hee... dont you gotta love em.


  2. Chrissie Said,'> 8:52 AM

    Well, that puts new light on the kids programme Noggin the Nog, I have to say!

    Celyn DID say something out loud once which had Danny and me both diving under our chairs...but I honestly can't remember right now. I'll ask DH when he wakes up!


  3.'> 9:52 AM

    Now that is lovely Anna - I think it is so nice for the kids to see mummy and dadd "nogging". Lets them know that it is ok to show emotions. Mine never did!

    Drew pooh told me once not to kiss daddy again as boys are dirty... lol... mummy should not keep telling her these things really.. lol..
    H x


  4. suebaru Said,'> 11:15 PM

    Gotta love Lilly!
    Had a fab day today hun! Must do it again soon!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 11:40 PM

    ROFLOL! WELL!!! that had me in stiches! Thanks for the laugh Anna you forget how innocent lickle ones are! Lovely!

    Cath xxx