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leaving on a jet plane.....

blogged by me domestic goddess On 1/26/2007 12:27:00 AM
yes in 6 hours i will be getting up, and heading off to Heathrow airport and LA. OMFG, i cannot believe this day has come. I am packed (ish), name cards printed, projects and handouts done, pencil line sketch done (its a corker!!), kit project and PDF emailed, girls packed off to Nana's and tears shed by me and Lilly, passport packed, dollars packed (thanks Annie, mwah!), erm what else? i hope thats it, too late if not.

I am one lucky girl, today I received lots of happy post. A parcel form Heather with a beautiful journal that she made me for my trip to LA, it is gorgeous and will be by my side at all times to journal my most inner thoughts, sights and sounds from LA. Annie sent me a parcel full of everything a girl needs for flying. 2 bars of galaxy, 2 packs of mouth fresh chewing gum, a girlie novel, a stunning necklace!!! (well a girl has gotta look the part when she is stepping out in Santa Monica!) and some $$$$$$, how generous are these girls, not forgetting to mention the numerous PMs, post and emails wishing me all the best, boy am i gonna miss you guys.....

BUT do not despair (just in case you were) I will be blogging from LA ,you lucky bloggers will have the company of my beloved hubby to keep you entertain on this side of the Atlantic. Be gentle with him;)

I leave you with a Scrapping Angels project (they will go live on my return, really sorry had hoped to get them up this week )and a sneak peek of my Pencil Lines layout for this week. You DO NOT want to miss this one. Lets just say she is probably the most talked about scrapper from 2006, and is just getting bigger and bigger. Hoping to catch up with her at CHA where she launches her brand new range of papers.... have i got you guessing yet???

Well its goodbye UK and Hello LA......

catch you all at the weekend


Anna x

11 Response to 'leaving on a jet plane.....'

  1. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 3:10 AM

    have fun my girlie :) we'll talk soon and we'll look after peter as he goes blogging!


  2. Laura Said,'> 7:27 AM

    Ooooh I now cannot wait to see this week's Guest Designer!! (so happy i managed to 'get' a clue!!) Will keep schtum though! ;-)

    Haha, have a great time living it up in LA!! Hope all goes well out there- travel safely!

    Hugs xxx


  3.'> 7:51 AM

    Have Fun Fun Fun and please Take Care ... we need you back safe and sound...
    Huge Hugs


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 8:37 AM

    Have a wonderful time Anna

    Caroline x


  5. Ann(i)e Said,'> 9:47 AM

    seriously can't wait for updates!!!


  6. Jenny Said,'> 11:59 AM

    Have fun Anna! Want to see you as famous in the US as you are here! You are going to love LA x


  7. Ali Said,'> 6:59 PM

    Take care hun, I am NOT Jealous (MUCH!!) But you deserve this soo much, knock em dead!!

    And try and leave some goodies in Micheals for others..


    Ali, Paul and Levi


  8. louise Said,'> 9:20 PM

    Have a fab time Anna!


  9. Mel Said,'> 5:42 AM

    See you when you get here - I have been to check out Sweetpeas today, it's lovely and the tables look so cute all set out ready for classes. Mel xx


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 4:25 PM

    Hope you have a fantastic time Anna :o) Don't shop too much lol!

    Can't wait for the updates, love Gems xx


  11. Alexa Said,'> 5:01 PM

    Hmm, that looks like an Elsie inspired Lo to me. Can't wait to see what you girls come up with this week, i haven't even done last weeks sketch yet, eek! Have a fab time in LA!